How Social Media Assisted Boston Cops Foil Shooters’s Pokemon Attack (+video)

Two men who over social media threatened weapon violence at the Pokemon World Championships in Boston are gone to court.Kevin Norton

and James Stumbo, both from Iowa, are set to be arraigned Monday on charges related to firearms ownership, cops stated on Sunday. Authorities stopped the two men from entering Boston’s Hynes Convention Center Thursday after the location’s security personnel alerted police about risks of violence made over social media against individuals at the Pokemon championships.Police arrested them at

a hotel in nearby Saugus a day later, following a search of their automobile that “recovered one 12-gauge Remington shotgun, one DPMS Model AR-15 rifle, a number of hundred rounds of ammo, and a hunting knife,” the Boston Authorities Department stated in a statement.

AmResearch Ulangi Saranan ‘Beli’ Ke Atas MISC

KUALA LUMPUR, 24 Ogos (Bernama)– AmResearch mengulangi saranan beli ke atas MISC Bhd dengan nilai saksama tidak berubah pada RM9.40 sesaham, selepas pengumuman bahawa syarikat itu memeterai perjanjian untuk menjual 50 peratus pegangannya dalam VTTI BV bagi bayaran tunai US$ 830 juta (US$ 1 = RM4.24).

Menurut AmResearch dalam satu kenyataan pada Isnin, langkah itu adalah positif kerana ia membolehkan MISC membiayai pelaburannya dalam perniagaan terminal kapal yang akan menumpu kepada perniagaan teras iaitu penghantaran tenaga.

Ini akan membolehkan syarikat itu memanfaatkan peluang masa hadapan apabila industri perkapalan memasuki pusingan baharu.

Cadangan penjualan itu dijangka disempurnakan pada Februari 2016 dengan hasilnya digunakan untuk mengurangkan pinjaman, penggunaan modal dana serta pemerolehan dan pelaburan pada masa depan, katanya.

AmResearch berkata anggaran keuntungan daripada penjualan itu adalah kira-kira US$ 9.1 juta, berdasarkan nilai pemegangan pelaburan MISC dalam VTTI setakat 30 Jun, 2015.

Aktiviti utama VTTI melibatkan pengendalian dan pengurusan rangkaian terminal penyimpanan produk minyak dan loji penapisan di 11 negara.

Pada 2.40 petang, saham MISC didagangkan pada RM7.96 dengan 840,000 saham diniagakan.


Elimination Of Wine Train Passengers Fires Up Social Media Storm

It was expected to be a relaxing afternoon in the wine nation, 11 book-loving females on the elegant Napa Valley Wine Train. However travelers say a Saturday trip ended with the mostly African-American group ordered off the wine-and-food adventure– and now online readers are attacking the removal as racially motivated.The 11, members

of an enduring book club, boarded the Wine Train at about 11 am on Saturday but were informed to leave the train in St. Helena after a ma tre d’hotel grumbled about their behavior, saying they were being disruptive, according to Lisa Johnson, an Antioch author and member of the club.The train stopped in St. Helena, where the ladies– 10 black and one white– were escorted through the 6 cars and off the train before a van took them back to Napa, she informed the Register Sunday afternoon.After Johnson detailed the aborted train ride on Facebook and Twitter later Saturday– declaring her group was guilty of absolutely nothing more than”#laughingwhileblack”– social media users from across the country used the platform to excoriate the rail business.”Laughing and eating cheese and grapes while Black. Damn, youre terrifying, “Tonya Marie Amos composed on Facebook in response to Johnson’s

account.” You need to face a claim. Really horrible what was done to the book club. #laughingwhileblack not a criminal activity.

#businessfail,”composed Michelle Mariposa on Twitter.Though the book club passengers got refunds for their ill-fated journey, Johnson remained mad afterward and denied any disruptive behavior.”They need to take a look at their own policies. I feel like we as a group were made to bear the effects of their not having policy on seating their consumers,”she said Sunday afternoon

. They requirehave to offer level of sensitivity training to their staff immediately. We want a public apology for how they treated us and for the general public humiliation, which is inappropriate for anyone. “Kira Devitt, spokesperson for the Wine Train, validated the elimination of the 11 women, saying a minimum of 3 passengers in the exact same car complained about the book club’s noise level.”If visitors are being seriously disruptive, that’s when we discuss whether they should be gotten rid of, “said Devitt.” We do not make that judgment unless we get a problem from the peopleindividuals around them.”She added such eliminations are “not an unusual incident but she did not instantly have infoknow on the average number per year.Wine Train management is conducting an internal audit to see whether personnel members followed business policy during the Saturday incident, according to Devitt.The Wine Train trip was a departure for the book club, which Johnson stated has actually met for 17 years and has actually long made yearly wine country trips in the Napa Valley by limo. In the rearmost of 6 Pullman automobiles, 4 females sat at each of 2 tables on either side of the aisle, while three others inhabited

seats simply ahead, she said.”I’m an author so I like to chronicle things on social networks, “said Johnson.”We did a selfie video like, Hey, we’re on the train, choo choo!’and put it on Periscope(a streaming video service) and Facebook. We were actually excited about the experience.” After a number of miles of” chitchatting”amongst the club members, Johnson said, the train’s ma tre d’hotel told the group,” Your noise level is a little loud, and you have to tone it down so we don’t make others uncomfortable.” We believed the function of the Wine Train was to have an excellenthaving fun and take pleasure in being with a big group

. No one informed us of any sound regulation. If you get a group of 11 ladies talking and chuckling, it’s going to be loud, “Johnson said.Later, the ma tre d’hotel came by a 2nd time, cautioning the ladies they would be ordered off the train if they didn’t

quiet down, Johnson stated.” She said people were grumbling and I said,’Who’s grumbling?’And she stated, ‘Well, people’s faces are unpleasant, “stated Johnson. “At that point, one traveler nearby said, Well, this is not a bar

. We reacted, Yes, it is a bar, a bar on wheels.When the Wine Train stopped in St. Helena, four law enforcement officers had actually been phoned call to the track, according to Johnson.

MISC Lepaskan Pegangan 50 Peratus Dalam VTTI BV

KUALA LUMPUR: MISC Bhd dan anak syarikat milik penuhnya, MTTI Sdn Bhd memetrai perjanjian dengan VIP Terminals Finance BV untuk menjual 50 peratus modal saham terbitan dalam VTTI BV pada pertimbangan AS$ 830 juta.

VIP Terminals Financing pada asasnya adalah anak syarikat milik penuh Vitol Investment Collaboration Ltd, jentera pelaburan ditaja dan diurus Vitol Group.

Selepas penyelesaian penjualan yang dicadangkan itu, VTTI tidak lagi menjadi syarikat usaha sama MTTI, kata MISC dalam satu kenyataan hari ini.

MISC berkata, pelepasan itu akan membolehkan syarikat mendapatkan kembali pelaburannya dalam VTTI BV dan mendapat manfaat peluang masa depan dalam perniagaan teras dalam tenaga dan perkapalan berkaitan petroleum.

Presiden dan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Vitol, Ian Taylor, berkata MISC sudah menjadi rakan kongsi yang cemerlang dalam tempoh lima tahun lalu.

Kami sangat teruja dengan potensi masa depan VTTI B.V, tambahnya. Hari ini, VTTI BV mempunyai kapasiti penyimpanan kasar sebanyak 54 juta tong, termasuk aset dalam pembinaan.

MISC akan terus mengukuhkan perniagaan terasnya dalam perkhidmatan perkapalan tenaga dan berkaitan tenaga di samping menjalankan pengambilalihan atau pelaburan untuk pertumbuhan masa depan. – BERNAMA

Trading Concepts: MISC, Pesona, Malakoff, Takaso, Sime Darby

KUALA LUMPUR: JF Pinnacle Research study expects MISC, Pesona, Malakoff, Takaso and Sime Darby to be among the stocks to view on Monday.

It stated MISC had terminated its joint venture with Swiss-based energy and commodity trading international Vitol Group after 5 years as it intends to sell the 50 % stake in VTTI BV, previously an unit of Vitol, back to the business for US$ 830mil (RM3.456 bil) cash.

Pesona Metro has gotten a RM144.17 mil agreement from KPJ Healthcare Bhd to build a block of nine-storey hospital in Johor Baru.

Malakoffs net profit fell 27 % on-year in its 2QFY15 as earnings fell after its gas-fired power plants created less electrical power.

JF Peak Research likewise stated Takaso might bring in attention after the majority shareholder of poultry business Lay Hong Bhd became a substantial investor in the group by obtaining a 6.8 % stake.

Sime Darby is thinking about a rights problem to lower its debts based upon a media report.

Last Friday, US markets dove with the Dow and Nasdaq losing 3 % as selling pressure gained energy. Likewise, European stocks dropped after Chinas August PMI came below expectation.

At Bursa Malaysia, the FBM KLCI closed 2.74 points lower at 1,574.67 after recovering from an intra-day low of 1,557.01.

Following the bearish sentiment in the US and Europe, we anticipate e KLCI to be unfavorable today and most likely to test its assistance of 1,545, said JF Peak Research study.

City Of Topeka Hopes Center Will Certainly Reduce Health Care Costs

This fall, some city of Topeka staff members will have access to a health clinic that officials hope will certainly help lower the city’s healthcare expenses.

One method the city can lower the amount investedinvested in claims– which totalled nearly $6.7 million in 2014– is through totally free health centers for city staff members, personnel director Jacque Russell stated. When the clinic opens in September, city workers who are on the city’s health care strategy will have the ability to check out a clinic in the Cyrus K. Holliday Structure, 620 SE Madison, for severe care.

“We want to promote a healthy staff,” she stated. “By much better managing workers’ health, we hopewant to truly reduce insurance coverage costs.”

The city will certainly invest between $250,000 and $350,000 to renovate a space on the first floor of the Holliday Building presently used for workplaces. City workers have actually been paying $25 additional a month as part of the health care plans since January to spend for those expenses, Russell said.

Charlotte, NC-based Healthstat, Inc., will offer medical services, consisting of a nurse professional and medical assistant, at a cost of $374,000 per year for the very first 4 years. Russell said contracting with a third-party health service was crucial to keeping employee health information personal.

The up-front costs of the center, which are mainly paid through the staff’s healthcare strategy, are little compared with the possible savings, stated Mishelle Wilcox, personnel supervisor.

“Our staff members are really thrilled about this,” she stated, adding that city workers had actually asked for a clinic.

It at first will be open 20 hours a week by consultation or walk-in for city personnel who have actually signed up for the city’s health coverage. If the program is successfulachieves success, the center might expand hours and be open to partners and dependants.

It is challenging to gauge just how much the city will conserve, Russell stated. Topeka sought advice fromtalked to the city of Olathe and Topeka Unified School District 501, which operate similar clinics for personnel. In Olathe, she stated, the city saw cost savings of about $6 for every single dollar invested within the first 4 years.

Those savings come from better monitoring of worker health conditions and supplying flu shots and treatments for things like sinus infections, bug bites and strep throat, Councilwoman Elaine Schwartz said. Schwartz is a member of the worker health committee and said she assisted spur interest in the center.

When the staff is healthier, the city invests less on health care, which is paid for by both workers and the city.

“This isn’t really simply another benefit for city workers,” she said. “It’s a way to minimize expenses.”

Enthusiasm Health Snags More Than $6 Million From Lightbank, Other Investors

Zest Health has actually snagged more than $6 million from financiers in its first substantial round of funding, bringing the overall raised by the Chicago-based mobile health company to more than $9 million.

The concept behind Enthusiasm Health is to assist consumers and businesses navigate the complex and frequently confusing world of health care.

In July 2014, Zest Health brought on its very first clients and introduced an app that helps people connectget in touch with a nurse 24 Hr a day or book a doctors visit with a doctor in their insurance network and estimate just how much the see could cost. It likewise displays a picture of an individuals health insurance coveragemedical insurance benefits to help them comprehend just how much they have actually spent so far and how much they need to go prior to they hit their yearly deductible, for instance.

The important things that actually electrified me and the group thats right here is this idea of bringing a degree of consumerism to healthcare that really has actually not existed, Passion Health President Shawn Ellis said.The company has about 30 homeowners, consisting of Chicago-based Presence Health, the biggest Catholic health center network in Illinois; Blue Cross Blue Guard of Rhode Island; and a number of self-funded businesses.Investors in the financing round revealed today consist of Lightbank

, a Chicago endeavor capital firm, and Chicago-based 7Wire Ventures, amongstto name a few.

“” Shocking News To Me””: Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan Announces Cancer Diagnosis

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan has been detected with an innovative, aggressive form of cancer, he announced Monday.

Hogan, 59, exposed throughout an interview Monday he has B-cell non-Hodgkins lymphoma, explaining the diagnosis as shocking news to me but appearing determined to fightto combat his health problem. He was diagnosed just days ago, he stated.

I wont just beat this illness, I will certainly fight it and beat it and be a more powerful guv when we get to the opposite, he stated.

Hogans discovery came five months to the day after he was inaugurated as governor. He said he told his household the tough news on Daddies Day, and was surrounded by them in Annapolis when he made his public announcement shortly after 4 pm Monday.

He said he has growths that have actually spread through his abdominal area and are pressing up versus his spinal column.

On a phase [of cancer], were not rathernot sure yet, he said. Its at least extremely sophisticated stage III, if not stage IV.

Non-Hodgkins lymphoma is a cancer that comes from in the lymphatic system, the bodys disease-fighting network, according to the Mayo Center.

Hogan stated he was detected after discovering a lump under his chin while shaving. They discovered 12 more of these things in my neck, he stated.

He said he had 20 or 30 more tumors in his core and groin area, including he has been having lots of tests and procedures which his team of medical professionals are treating his case aggressively.

The governor states his physicians have actually informed him he has a good possibility of beating the illness and he will certainly quickly be taking some time off to undergo aggressive chemotherapy due to the fast-growing nature of his cancer.

As far as the treatment, they want to be as aggressive as possible … he said. Theyre going to put me in the healthcare facility for four days and shoot me with intense chemotherapy in extensive care.

He also said he anticipates to lose his hair as an outcome.

Most likely Im going to lose my hair– I wont have these gorgeous gray locks, he said. I might trim down a bit.

He said he didnt understand how it started or for how long he has had the health problem.

It just hit me in an extremely brief durationtime period, he said.

Most treatments for non-Hodgkins lymphoma are done without long-lasting hospitalization, Dr. Catherine Broome of Medstar Georgetown University Healthcare facility stated.

Aggressive lymphomas typically respond veryextremely well and really quickly to the treatments that we recommend, she stated, explaining drugs offered intravenously as soon as every 3 weeks on an outpatient basis.

The guv appeared nervous at the start of his his interview, but appeared to end up being moreupbeat and confident as he went on. He split jokes but said, Its a tougha bumpy ride to go through.

Hogan said he plans to work as much as he is able, describing himself as a workaholic. He was greeted with laughter when he stated that if he halved his work hours, he would still be working more than any other guv.

Im going to miss out on a few meetings but Ill have every capacity to make choices, Hogan stated. He said Lieutenant Gov. Boyd Rutherfordwill step up much more, as will certainly his cabinet.

The truth is, Im justsimilar to the more than 70,000 people identified with lymphoma every year who battle it, beat it and remain to do their tasks at the same time, Hogan said.

Hogan said he has energy and very little pain, however very little of a cravings, either.

Ive been feeling fine, he stated.

Timor-Leste: Exactly What It Resembles To Take A Trip In A Land Without Tourists

The Airnorth flight from Darwin to Timor-Leste was remarkably brief, with hardly adequate time to complete the cup of tea before the aircraft started its downward arc.

At some times you might mistake yourself for being on the Great Ocean Roadway or the Amalfi coast

Timor-Leste, also understoodreferred to as East Timor, is not too far from Australia yet seems like a totally different world. And as one of the world’s newest countries (Timor-Leste ended up being the first brand-new sovereign state of the 21st century on 20 May 2002 when it achieved independence from Indonesia) its tourist industry is still in its infancy. Clashes in between security services and groups challenging the government imply travel to much of the eastern side of the nation is prevented by both the Timor-Leste and Australian authorities.

I was curious about who was on their method to Timor-Leste and why. Three rows of Australian teens behind us were going to Dili, the nation’s capital, to volunteer at an orphanage in a job arranged by Dad Chris Riley’s Youth off the Streets organisation. At Dili airport, the Australian person next to me awaiting his bags was seeing his sweetheart, who was there volunteering for the Red Cross. Likewise by the carousel, a large group of immigrants gathered around a male holding up an indication with a mining company’s name emblazoned in bold type throughout it.

Best Time To Book Holiday Travel; Neiman Marcus FilesApplies For IPO


The temperature levels in Texas are still in the triple numbers, however it’s not prematurely to begin thinkingthinking of holiday plans.The best time to

book aircraft tickets for travel during the vacations is the week of Aug. 10, according to the travel online search engine Skyscanner. Consumers can conserve nearly 19 percent by reserving Christmas flights. And New Year’s Eve flights offer about 14 percent in cost savings if reserved in mid-August. On the other hand, a popular vacation shopping location is submittingdeclaring an IPO. Dallas-based Neiman Marcus Group wantswishes to go public this year under the ticker sign NMG. Neiman Marcus stated proceedings from the providing would go toward repaying debt. The business has not revealed when the IPO would take location.

Long Again Wins Award For Education Reporting Excellence

The Association of Texas Specialist Educators has actually once again chosen Brownsville Herald education press reporter Gary Long to get its award for quality in public education news protection.

Long got the Alafair Hammett Media Award for papers with blood circulations of 25,000 and less at an awards reception Thursday at the AustinConvention Center. It was the 3rd consecutive time Long has actually received the award.

“As a day-to-day newspaper The Brownsville Herald wants to cover the neighborhood and a really crucialan extremely important aspect of that objective is education reporting. In that regard we are extremely pleasedhappy with Gary Long and his accomplishments in winning this award for the 3rd year,” Herald Editor Ryan Henry said.

The award was developed to honor Alafair Hammett, ATPE’s first state president, and to acknowledge media outlets for their exceptional assistance and coverage of public education.

Recipients are chosen by a panel of seven educators from around the state who serve on the association’s public info committee.

ATPE is the largest instructors’ group in Texas and the largest such nonunion group in the nation. The association’s membership consists mostly of class instructors but also consists of administrators, paraprofessionals, college students and retired instructors.

Daily Report E-Sports Continues To Improve Pc Gaming Landscape

Video video gamesComputer game used to be such a basic business. You bought a console (state, an Xbox), you purchased a video game at your regional big-box retailer ($46 for Halo: Battle Evolved at Wal-Mart), and you went on your merry method spending hundreds of hours glued to a TELEVISION screen, blasting away at the bad individuals.

How have times altered. Mobile gadgetsMobile phone have dramatically altered the kinds of games that are made and the way we play them, introducing so-called free-to-play games and revamping in a couple of years a market constructed over years. However changing the games landscape just as much has been the rise of e-sports, as the world of organized competitive video games is called.

As we wroteblogged about in 2013, e-sports now attracts tens of the thousands of people to live occasions, filling stadiums constructed for sports like basketball. Top gamers have big followings and make big money. Competitions have taken off on campuses around the nation.

And lets not forget, checking for performance-enhancing drugs is coming.

However if you still werent convinced that e-sports is here, take an appearancehave a look at the news announced on Tuesday. Microsoft is pushing its Halo 5: Guardians game, the newestthe most recent in the blockbuster sci-fi shooter series, to the devoted fans of e-sports. As Nick Wingfield reports, Halo had actually been a hit among e-sports players and fans, however it lost its mojo now, it is tryingaiming to get that back.

At stake is not just sales of Halo 5 numerous of which will certainly be sold in the old-school way, as discs at big-box shops. It is likewise about pushing the Xbox console itself. And perhaps more than anything, it has to do with using a brave brand-new world, one where, when the first Halo showed up 14 years earlier, was hardly a figment of our imagination.

Ohio’s Brand-new Charter-enrollment Guideline For Sports Competitors Upsets Columbus Schools

About 20 charter-school students played sports on a Columbus City Schools team last school year,.
meaning they comprised only one-third of 1 percent of the district’s 6,000 or so student.

Now, district coaches and moms and dads are weeping foul over a new rule that will count all 4,000.
charter students who aren’t attending their appointed Columbus high school in determining what.
department the schools’ groups compete in starting this school year.

Because city districts are the ones with charter schools, and those districts likewise have higher.
portions of minorities than other districts in Ohio, the brand-new rule might help to steer more.
athletic scholarships away from black students, critics state.

That’s due to the fact that those groups will deal with stiffer competitors because of the department changes,.
most likely knocking one another out of playoff contention before they face teams from suburban.

With about 25 upset father and mothers and coaches filling the meeting space on Tuesday night, the Columbus.
Board of Education and district Superintendent Dan Good went over filing a suit versus the Ohio.
High School Athletic Association, which is enacting the guideline.

One board member even inquiredasked about the state’s “Huge 8” city districts beginning their own.
athletic association and running their own tournaments.

“They’ve stepped across the line, and they have actually gone too far,” said Satch Sullinger, the previous.
Northland High School kids basketball coach whose group won the 2009 Department I mention.

“This choice right here is so egregious toward urban schools,” stated board member Michael Cole.

Other members advised the administration to start building a union that might assist finance a.
legal difficulty, consisting of joining with other urban districts in the state.

Board legal counsel Larry Braverman said the athletic association is a personal entity with the.
authority to set its own rules, making a claim a “deeply complex question.” But he stated his.
workplace will certainly examine the OHSAA’s decision to determine “exactly what standing the district may have.”

At concern is the fundamental approach used to determine which high-school teams in Ohio play one another.
in competitions: the schools’ enrollments.

The OHSAA choice spreads out the charter-school population over all the district’s 16 high.
schools, adding 121 children and 134 ladies to each Columbus high school’s population and pressing many.
of the schools into greater divisions. The goal has constantly been to have like-sized schools contend.
against one another to promote fairness, stated Vincent Clarno, the district’s director of student.
activities and the individual in charge of sports.

Under the brand-new guideline, some small-district schools have been run into Division I, the category.
for the largest schools. It indicates they will certainly compete versus groups from some suburbs where one high.
school can serve a whole district.

The Dispatch reported last month that the new rule.
practically every Columbus City Schools high-school football team up at least one division, and.
seven moved up 2 departments. Virtually all children and women basketball teams are now in Department I, the.
largest division.

And it implies that Columbus’ Africentric High School, which is smaller than some elementary.
schools, has an “registration” that has actually more than doubled for sports purposes. That will move.
Africentric from Division IV to Department II in boys basketball and Division III to Department II in.
women basketball. And its football team, which has actually won simply 20 games in its history and has a hard time.
each year to field a group, is moving from Division VII to Department IV.

Although charter-school students have a right to bet district groups, the fact is that.
few do, Clarno stated.

The OHSAA decision was made in response to a 2014 change in state law relating to how charter.
students are eligible for district sports teams, said Erik Roush, the district’s head of policy and.
governmental affairs.

College Football Playoff To Supply $2500 Per Athlete For Family Travel

The College Football Playoff revealed on Tuesday that it would be expanding its travel help for families of players playing in the semifinals and last. The Playoff will certainly offer a 2,500 stipend per student-athlete to helpto aid with travel, hotel cottages and dishes for households approximately 100 student-athletes per school.

We were kindlied to implement this expense-reimbursement program for the first College Football Playoff National Champion and we received warm and sincere positive feedback from the householdmember of the family, said Expense Hancock, executive director of the CFP, in a statement. Extending assistance to the Playoff Semifinals will certainly be another fantastic benefit for folks who will be thrilled to be present to celebrate the accomplishments and experiences of their student-athletes.

In 2013, under pressure from Urban Meyer and Ohio State, the College Football Playoff supplied 500,000 in travel assistance for families of Oregon and Ohio State players to get to the National ChampionshipChampionship game video game. The brand-new policy will certainly extend that level of travel help to the four groups participatingtaking part in the 2 semifinal games as well.