EDITORIAL: Tab Growing For Christie’s Travel

Taxpayers continue to pay a hefty cost for Gov. Chris Christies travel, with almost $200,000 having actually vaporized from our pockets for security expenses in simply the very first three months of 2015. Thats well ahead of last years pace, when Christie called up nearly half a million dollars in security travel expenses. And the spending will just intensify as the guv delves into his governmental campaign with both feet.What are New Jerseyans getting for their investment? Absolutely absolutely nothing. The cash is benefiting Christie alone, permitting the governor to pursue his individual objectives or have a greatenjoy viewing his precious Dallas Cowboys. Christie, as he so memorably put it himself, says he suches as to squeeze all the juice out of the orange. Were the orange.

Moms And Dads Unite To Recover Adult Education Program

Moms and dads of adults with specials needs, galvanized by recent cuts to adult education programs, will launch a blitzkrieg-style campaign to get responses from policymakers about their childrens futures and funds to revive slashed services.Legislators stripped almost$10 million from adult education programs throughout the state; this consisted of services for senior citizens and grownups with specials needs offered by Leon County Schools Adult and Neighborhood Education Center, which costs about$350,000 a year to run.An absence of responsibility and desired outcomes for program participants were

behind the decision to remove financing, composed Appropriations Subcommittee on Education chair Sen. Don Gaetz, R-Niceville, in a letter to the Agency of Persons with Disabilities.

Travel Firms Cut Prices For Vacations To Greece

In addition to empty air travels, travel firms face weeks of vacancies in villas and hotels. Although people who had booked summertime holidays appear to be staying with their strategies, the Greek tourism board states one-fifth of reservations each year are made simply before the departure date.

The LatestThe Current News In Education

LSUA offices close

early on Fridays

Louisiana State University of Alexandria will close its workplaces at noon on Fridays throughout July. The policy entered into impact on July 6.

Employees still are required to work a 40-hour week. Hours missed on Friday afternoon are made up with an additional hour each day Monday through Thursday.The two-and-a-half day weekend gives workers flexibility with their schedule and allowsenables travel chances on the weekend without needing to take a complete day off.Summer is the time for travel and spending time with pals

and household, Director of University Relations Sarah Black said.Normal workplace operating hours of 8 am to 4:30 pm will resume in August.Food and Physical fitness Board to consult NSU Northwestern State Universitys Department of Family and Customer Sciences will certainly host the Louisiana State 4-H Food and Physical fitness Board

on Wednesday as the group takes a summer season journey to Natchitoches.The teens will certainly be FACS visitors from 10 am to 8 pm Wednesday.Students will certainly visit the culinary arts center where FACS professors will certainly provide discussions on knife safety and nutrition before treating the group to lunch and a family-style dinner prepared by senior cooking arts students.The Louisiana 4-H program annually picks 25 teens from around the state for the Food and Fitness Board to plan education outreach efforts that support health and nutrition education in their communities.This is a win-win partnership … I hope it ends up being a yearly occasion, said Connie Jones, head of the FACS department.Robotics Camp set at NSU Northwestern State Universitys Department of Engineering Innovation will certainly host a Robotics Camp in which students will learn basic electronic and computer programs to assemble and configure

robots and utilize them to fix navigation problems.The camp will certainly consist of some presentations of advanced robotics and other scientific experiments.Session 1 will certainly be July 20-21

for ages 7-12. Session 2 will be July 22-23 for ages 13 and older.Sessions will certainly take location from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm in Room 219 of Williamson Hall. Curtis Desselles is the instructor.Students attending Robotics Camp must bring their own lunch. Moms and dads are welcomed to closing events at 2:30 pm July 21 and July 23. To sign up, e-mail dessellesc@nsula.edu or call -LRB-318-RRB- 357-4441. Bolton graduate makes doctor of medicine Central Louisiana native Catherine Abigail Abby

Downs Linzay was granted a doctor of medication degree from the Louisiana State University Health

Science Center in Shreveport at its commencement ceremony on Might 30. After conclusion of her residency and fellowship training, she prepares

to go back to Alexandria for a practice in the field of gastroenterology.Linzay is a graduate of Bolton High School and the LSU Honors College at Baton Rouge.

She is married to Roy F. Trey Linzay III of Cheneyville and is the daughter of

Maureen and Jam Downs

of Lecompte.Vernon students

granted scholarships The Vernon Parish Chamber of Commerce awarded 5$1,000 scholarships to finishing high school elders. The scholarships are based upon character, scholastic achievement, after-school activities and

neighborhood involvement.The 2015 winners are: Carter James Coriell and Sunny Jeanne Roberts of Leesville High School, Devin Dewayne Locke and Drew Michael Weekley of Hicks High School, and Ty Austin LeBlanc of Simpson High School.LSUA has new department chair LSUA invites Holly Wilson as the brand-new chair for the Department of Arts, English and Humanities.Wilson originates from the University of Louisiana Monroe where she taught viewpoint for 13 years.In addition to working as chair, Wilson will teach philosophy, bioethics and medical principles at LSUA. She hopesintends to include world religion to her roster later.This is a terrific opportunity and a terrific place to work. Being a part of a growing university is terrific, and Im very excited to

be a part of it, Wilson said.She really hopes to enhance the Honors Program and a few of its majors.From personnel reports

Cleanses: Can Consuming Your Environment-friendlies Jump-start Your Health?

As a brand-new mother, Shauna Martin couldnt comprehend why she was diagnosed with cancer– an illness that didnt run in her household, that is, up until her more youthful sibling was provided the same diagnosis just two weeks later.

“My doctor said ‘The possibilities of you and your sis getting breast cancer were like one in a billion,’ however it occurred,” Martin, 43, informed FoxNews.com. “It kind of set me on this journey of attemptingaiming to find out why. Which actually led me to food.”

Although Martin and her sis matured in a health-conscious house with parents that taught them to follow a vegetarian diet plan and exercise daily, Martin believed food and environmental elements might have caused her and her sibling’s diagnoses.

“Was it pesticides on the fruit that we ate? Was it the TELEVISION dinners and leaving the plastic on when we microwaved it?” Martin said. “We come from a military household, so we survived on lots of insane, various places– was there radiation some location that we faced when we were really young?”

While no single food can result in cancer by itself, some researches recommend a diet fulled of a range of plant foods can assist lower the danger of lots of cancers.

Antioxidants found in fruits and veggiesvegetables and fruits are really powerful at fighting complimentary radicals,” discussed nutritional expert Keri Glassman, founder of Nutritious Life. Glassman likened complimentary radicals to “bad individuals” in the body that become everything from wrinkles, inflammation and cancer.

After a year of chemotherapy treatment, a double mastectomy and multiple restoration surgical treatments, Martin was figured out to survive and beat the probabilities of reoccurrence. Virtually one in 4 ladies who develop bust cancer will certainly see the illness return within 10 years, according to a research study moneyed by Macmillan Cancer Support, a UK charity.

“The rate of reoccurrence was just excessive, in my viewpoint. I had a one year old, I wanted to see him mature,” Martin stated. “I was essentially willing to do anything that would ensure that I would survive.”

On Martins pursuit to avoid reoccurrence, she began a diet of just raw vegan foods and green juices.

I would go to the farmers’ market and simply purchase everything that I could discover and see, and I would juice half, make salads with the other half,” she stated. “And it was incredible how quickly I rebounded from the contaminants from all the radiation treatment. My hair grew back rapidly, my skin beganbegan to actually radiance– then the energy, I ‘d never ever had that much energy in my whole life.

After years of juicing at homein your home, Martin left her corporate job and introduced Daily Greens, a nationwide cold-pressed green juice business.

I realized exactly what Im most passionate about in life is tryingaiming to make other peopleother individuals healthy, and for me that really starts with a green juice every day, Martin stated.

Martin continued her objective to encourage others, and published her recipes and personal health strategyhealth insurance in her book, Daily Greens, 4-Day Cleanse.”

The cleanse is arranged by season and breakfast starts with a cup of tea or lemon water and a green juice. In the afternoon, users have two more glasses of green juice and an optional piece of fruit. The day is finished with a veggie appetizer and a big raw veggie dinner.

Despite the fact that some professionals question the efficacy of cleanses, many nutritional experts say they can jump-start healthy routines.

“Our kidneys, our GI track, our liver, all these organs are actually working to clean ourselves on a routine basis. So our bodies work actually hard to constantly be cleaning,” Glassman said. “Nevertheless, theres times when we may not have been able to get in a great deal of healthy foods, we might be eating a lot of scrapprocessed food, traveling, or our bodies are simply run down and that can be a time to sort of regroup, and utilize a clean as a time to reset your body.”

Pauline Liu: Poverty Eliminates Kids’ Probabilities For An Excellent Education

All of us know that a good education can help lead the method to a brighter future. A brand-new research launched last week takes an appearancehas a look at the flip side of that idea.It suggests that lacking education might be as lethal as being an existing smoker.What?That sounds awfully harsh, even sensational.Ive got a healthy amount

of suspicion when I readcheck out any new research study. After all, scientists typically set out to prove a premise.Statistics can occasionally be controlled to support different claims.The study by scientists at the University of Colorado, New York University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill provides plenty of food for thought.The findings, published in the journal PLOS ONE, recognizes education as a fundamental, upstream driver of health habits and requires it to be considered as an essential aspecta crucial element of United States health policy.More than 10 percent of US adults ages 25 to 34 do not have a high school degree. More than 25 percent have some college but no bachelor #x 2019; s degree.The research study discovered that those with greater education were more likelymost likely to live longer, due to elements consisting of greater income, healthier habits and much better psychological health. Scientist studied information on more than a million people from 1986 to 2006, utilizing the Centers for Condition Control and Prevention #x 2019; s National Health Interview Survey.Then they attemptedattempted to estimate the variety of deaths that could be associated to

low levels of education. #x 201c; Extensively, life span is enhancing, however those with more education are enjoying many of the advantages, #x 201d; stated Virginia Chang, associate teacher of public health at NYU #x 2019; s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development.In 2010, a total of 2,468,435 registered deaths happened in this country. The scientists assert that 145,243 of those deaths might have been avoided if grownups

who had not finished high school went on to make a GED or high school degree.I don’t understandhave no idea how they arrivedreached that

conclusion. I will agree that having an excellent education can lead individuals to make some much better options, which might possibly improve their life expectancy.But in some way the research study fails to factor in genetics, which plays an essential function in durability in addition to personal habits.I understand physicians who smoke, even though they need to know

much better. There are brand-new reports out that President Obama has actually chosengotten his cigarette routine as soon as again.Education is crucial, and Im pleased theres a brand-new report out to promote the concept. But I think the research misses a basic point.Poverty kills. For numerous of Americas school youngsters, its generational poverty that stands in the way of their opportunities to acquire a great education.Lets address very first things initially, so that Americas children can have a brighter future.pliu@th-record.com!.?.!

Health Care Costs Essential Problem In UAW Talks

This article has been upgraded to clarify information about employee benefits.Automaker spending on health care for per hour workers and their families likely will top $2 billion this year. In just the previous four years, its grown 45 percent for Ford Motor Co. and 77 percent for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles US.The United Car Employees has actually been resistant to offeringquiting the

gold-plated health care coverage it has for more than 135,000 hourly employees. But with surging costs, Detroit car manufacturers are looking for relief in agreement negotiations that formally kick off Monday between General Motors Co. and the UAW.UAW hourly workers take pleasure in a few of the finest healthcare advantages in the nation: There are essentially no premiums

or deductibles and very little co-pays for medical professional check outs and prescriptions. Two-tier employees have greater deductibles.That comes at a high expense. Ford says its healthcare expense for per hour staff members is about$800 million this year– up from $550 million in 2011.

FCA states it will pay$615 million this year, compared to $347 million it invested in 2011. GM supposedly invested$ 665 million on healthcare for per hour employees and families in 2011. The automaker would not state what its existing spending is, but said its increases are on par with Ford and FCA.

Forest Service To Hear Comprehensive Objections To Divide Travel PlanItinerary

The Helena National Forest will certainly hold a meeting in August to hear objections to its proposal for travel planning near the Continental Divide west of Helena. The objections include those from motorized users for the Forest Service’s strategies to close some routes, while others believed the strategy breaches ecological laws and would hurt wildlife and habitat.In April, the Forest Service provided a draft last environmental impact statement for the Divide Travel Plan and draft record of choice, which defines which routes are open to motorized travel in the 155,000-acre planning location. The decision suggests a general reduction in motorized routes, but does consist of some brand-new loop routes.Local nonmotorized user groups, consisting of members of the Montana Wilderness Association and Last Opportunity Backcounty Horsemen, threw their support behind the plan. Several called it”brave “for restricting motorized use in some contentious locations such as Sweeny Creek and the Continental Divide National Beautiful Trail.The decision opened a 45-day objection period for the travel strategy, and a 60-day objection duration for a forest amendment redefining big video game security standards. Objectors have to have commented throughout development of the strategy to have standing to object.Of the 29 objections gotten by the Forest Service, 15 of those were discovered to have standing, and will be included in an Aug. 19 conference, said Helena National Forest spokesperson Kathy Bushnell.The objection process has actually been used on a handful of recent projects, providing a conference and a possibility to solve issues prior to the Forest Service provides a last decision.The Capital Trail Ride Association, a vocal critic of the strategy, issued an objection letter along with letters from several members. The group challenged the minimized variety of roadways and trails available to motorized use, which limits the type of users able to access the forest.”We are exceptionally worried about losing this much multiple-use and leisure opportunity in a location that is fairly near to Helena, has been designated by congress for multiple-use and is perfect for multiple-use,”the letter states. “We are also worried that eventually the basic public will decline the significant loss of gain access to and multiple-use under the draft choice when it hits the ground.”Association member Mike Sedlock said in his objection letter that he felt the Forest Service had failed to appropriately consider the requirement for motorized gain access to of some forest users.” I highly feel that the Forest Service is overlooking the motorized access requirements of senior residents and disabled persons reliance upon and use of motorized cars in order for them to continue recreating on and enjoying our public lands, “his objection states. “Public access implies for all uses, not simply the community that is still physically able to hike or can afford to possess a horse or pay an outfitter for their services.”A scathing objection from a former Forest Service employee questioned the legality of several of the choices and the possible fallout with forest users.” To continue with a decision that is compared to poking the residents of Powell County in the eye with a sharp stick is going to be a political and relational catastrophe for the Helena National Forest,”David R. Carroll composed. “As a person who worked 28 years for the United States Forest Service, and is also most likely the most familiar individual with all of these roadways

and the individuals here, I discover it socially, environmentally, politically and lawfully a most tenuous and ridiculous proposal.”The Alliance for the Wild Rockies and Native Ecosystems Council objected in dual letters on the grounds that the plan did not comply with ecological laws and treatments, and would degrade already deteriorated watersheds and mountain slopes, in turn derogatory wildlife habitat.One letter points out the significance of the Continental Divide as a wildlife linkage zone, however faults the Forest Service for not recovering

critical habitat for federally noted Canada lynx and bull trout. It additionally questions how the plan will affect wildlife needing dense forest cover, calling for an extra ecological impact statement to deal with the concerns.The 2nd letter criticizes the big video game security amendment, which changes

a hiding cover standard with huge video game security areas totally free from motorized travel. The objection concerns the basis and monitoring of the proposition, saying in part that the change does not attend to the requirements of other wildlife and does not make use of the finestthe very best readily available science.”The existing proposals for both the travel management and the modification are company plans that are merely being forced down the public’s throat, so that the real priority of the Helena National park, or logging, can continue without cumbersome restrictions for wildlife. Simply since the firm can do this is no reason for in fact doing it, “the 2nd letter states.

Outlook: Long-Debated Education Costs On Course To Conference

Dont look now, but the Senate is really having a constructive debate on a controversial concern.

In an environment that has been tense and significant by bullying on everything from defense spending to trade policy to the fate of the Export-Import Bank, the Senates debate over a thoroughly worked out bipartisan education bill has gone remarkably efficiently. The chamber has actually held dozens of votes on amendments, some of which were questionable and voted down, and accepted dozens more without dispute. Everyone seems to be breathing a sigh of relief.

ACA Event Assists Migrant Workers Register For Health InsuranceMedical Insurance

Dunn, NC After selecting fruits and veggies from North Carolina fields for 17 years, Alfredo Montoya now has health insurancemedical insurance.

The 48-year-old dad of 4 from Mexico was at Episcopal Farmworker Ministry in Dunn on Sunday to sign up for insurance under the Affordable Care Act at an event sponsored by Get Covered America and the North Carolina Farmworkers Project.

Though the ACA open registration period has passed, those experiencing specific life events – consisting of marriage, moving or a change in migration status – may be qualified for a special enrollment period.

Those like Montoya, who get in the United States on an agricultural work visa, are qualified under the special registration period.

Here in Eastern North Carolina, where the tobacco grows tall and lush, Mexican farm employees arrive in healthy numbers every summertime, and they state signing up will assist keep them healthy, stated Caitlin Metzguer with Enroll America.

Workers should register within 60 days of showing up in North Carolina. Once enrolled, their health strategy covers fundamental care – physician’s sees, physicals and hospital stays. The typical cost for health insurance is $80 a month.

“The great news in North Carolina is that 93 percent of the individuals that enrolled get that monetary help to assistto assist pay for it,” Metzguer stated.

For Montoya, he says having health insurance coverage provides him comfort while doing “hard, hot” work.

United States GreaterCollege RequiresHas To Be Transformed

Headlines last week from the Post-Gazette revealed Point Park University laid off nearly 3 dozen staff members (Point Park Tightens Belt With Layoffs, July 7). President Paul Hennigan specifies they executed a university-wide restructuring that will certainly lower income expenses and better invest and align resources. However will reorganizing and realigning resources be the response or does higher education needhave to be reinvented?

In Chicago last week, governmental prospect Marco Rubio referred to the highercollege system as being managed by a cartel that uses its strength to block ingenious, low-priced competitors from getting in the market. Could Mr. Rubio be right? As the profile of the student remains to change, institution of higher learnings requirehave to change as well. Allowing innovative and low-cost rivals to get in the marketplace might really well ignite the change required to support student success.

In regard to the highercollege system, Mr. Rubio went on to state, We require a holistic overhaul. Certainly greater education does require a total overhaul. It needshas to leverage the details and imagination age and provide students with resources to be imaginative and ingenious.

The United States highercollege system is requireded to prepare our future generations with the resources they requirehave to participate in a flourishing economy. Institution of higher learnings need to offer an education that is budget-friendly to the financially notified student, responsible to government regulations and useful to graduates prospective employers. We requirehave to enable future generations to redefine self-reliance by minimizing financial obligation and understanding success.

Instead of continuing with patchwork fixes to problems, we needhave to transform highercollege to promote a promising economy.


Jim Cramer’s ‘Mad Cash’ Wrap-up: Let The Good Stocks Shine

NEW YORK (TheStreet)– Its fantastic exactly what takes place when the marketplaces stop worrying about Greece and begin letting the great stocks shine, Jim Cramer told his Mad Money audiences Monday. Financiers can choose from a whole menu of great stocks with long-term development capacity.

Cramer was bullish on the traditional development names, stocks like Walt Disney (DIS), Nike (NKE) and Stabucks (SBUX), a stock which he has for his charitable trust, Action Signals PLUS, all of which are doing fairly well.

Rick Steves: It’s A Fantastic Time To See Greece

With political turmoil in Athens all over the news, I keep getting asked if Greece is safe for tourists– a question that feels absurd the instant you arrive there. Ask anybody whos been to Greece just recently, and youll learn that security issues have been highlighted by both Greek and global media outlets.Frankly, this is a great time to travel to Greece. The monetary crisis– while making life difficult for a lot of Greeks– is a boon for budget plan tourists. Hotel prices are down, the typically warm Greek hospitality has actually ratcheted up a couple of notches, and roads beyond Athens are basically traffic-free, as higher gas costs have caused locals to reduce inessential driving. The drawbacks (shorter hours at sights, reduced long-distance bus service, occasional strikes) are noticeable, however not factor enough for you to hold off a trip. All the things youre searching for in a trip to Greece– mouthwatering food, deep-blue water, striking scenery and the adventure of connectinggetting in touch with ancient history– are all right here awaiting you … at a cheaper cost.

Mara Rose Williams: Teaching Safe Relationships A Suggested Addition To Sex …

Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia has the grim sexual assault numbers on his website:

Nearly 300,000 victims of rape and sexual assault a year. Young females experiencing the highest rates of violence from their boyfriends.Kaine and Sen. Claire McCaskill, a fellow Democrat from Missouri, say that the method to assault the issue is at the root– through education starting in elementary school. It’s why the 2 are pressingpromoting” Teach Safe Relationships “legislation to be included in the federal Elementary and Secondary Schools Act.This push seems a natural next step for McCaskill.

She pressed through legislation changing how the military manages rape cases and has actually pushed greater education to make schools safer.While exploring some of the nation’s schools last year to learn whether colleges

were adhering to Title IX regulations– set to protect students against sexual discrimination, harassment and assault– McCaskill heard the same thing over and once more. The problem started long before college. Part of the sex abuse issue on schools– where one in 5 women has experienced some kind of sexual assault– is that male and female students concern college not comprehending permission and other issues that make for healthy relationships.Kaine and McCaskill want safe relationship education consisted of in sex education classes in all public middle school and high schools.Most states need sex education taught in public schools. However, as in Kansas and Missouri, it’s delegated individual districts to determine what to teach and how.

So lessons vary from school to school. “We don’t know”whether youngsters are schooled on safe relationships in any particular district, stated Nicole Cushman, executive director of Response, which trains teachers to teach sex education.” We do understand that healthy relationships are commonly neglected in sex education. “The McCaskill/Kaine modification would come with dollars for training in the best ways to inform adolescents about safe relationships and to prevent teenager dating violence, sexual attack and harassment. And it

would need that training and education programs fit the age of the students and their cultural or linguistic differences.Sex education has constantly been an emotional concern for some. For several years, a contingent of father and mothers across

the country have actually spoken against how schools teach about sex. Numerous maintain just abstaining ought to be taught. “But all the polls, for years, state most father and mothers support sex education in schools, and they desire it to cover broad topics,” said Cushman.It might be a greata great time to dust off those old polls.

Schools Of Business And Education Team Up For New MBA

The IU Kelley School of Company is working carefully with the School of Education to develop an MBA degree for educational leaders, with financing from the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, according to an IU press release.IU is just one of five universities to be welcomed as a part of the Woodrow Wilson MBA Fellowship in Education Management program in the nation. Kelley Company School is the very first top-ranked business school to be involved, according to the release.IU will certainly supply ambitious education leaders with a strenuous business-based academic program in their MBA degree design. A yearlong clinical experience and three years of dealing with School of Education professors will also accompany the degree, according to the? release. “We’re really pleased and ecstatic to be part of the Woodrow Wilson MBA program,”Idalene

Kesner, dean of IU’s Kelley School of Company and the Frank P. Popoff Chair of Strategic Management, said.”This is a fantastic next step in sharing transferrable company techniques and working to improve education for Indiana’s future leaders.”Students pursuring the degree will start classes in Summer season 2016. Fifteen selected Indiana students will receive

One Hundred Percent tuition reimbursement from the Woodrow Wilson Structure grant, according to the release.Their education will certainly take place over an 18-month duration with courses at IU-Bloomington, and online courses for the Kelley School MBA for Educators will be supplied from full-time professors, according to the release.”For our youngsters to succeed, they require excellent teachers in their class,”Arthur Levine, president of the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Structure, stated

.”And for those teachers to prosper, they need exemplary teachers leading their schools and districts. The Woodrow Wilson Foundation is honored to have IU as part of its MBA Fellowship network. Signing up with the other organizations, IU and Kelley will assist set a brand-new requirement for principal and superintendent education throughout the? country.” The program will be intensive and extremely selective, mixing an education-based business curriculum with medical experience in innovative schools, corporations and nonprofit organizations, according to the release.John Wisneski will certainly direct the Kelley School MBA for Educators. He is a management professorsprofessor and an alumnus of both the Kelley School and the IU School of Education, according to the release. Anne Ottenbreit-Leftwich will function as the program’s associate director.

She is an associate professor in the School of Education.The 48-credit-hour Kelley School MBA for Educators program will certainly match the education management degrees the School of Education currently provides, according to the release.The Woodrow Wilson Structure program also includes the University of Indianapolis and Indiana State University. The foundation provides its MBA fellowship in New Mexico and Wisconsin also, according to the? release.”This is an extra chance for striving leaders in school systems to get the training they requirehave to be successful

,”Wisneski stated.”Based upon everyone’s life experiences, individuals have various ability spaces as they prepare to become leaders in school systems. For those who feel they lack abilities in handling others or leading massive enhancement efforts,

this should be the ideal chance.”