Inertia On Chemical Tanker Safety Risks Lives Alerts MISC’s Captain Sanjay Patil

MISC is buildingdeveloping its tanker fleets and has a plain warning for regulators and broader industry on chemical tanker security as Riviera Maritime Medias group managing editor Edwin Lampert discoverslearns in conversation with MISC Berhads (MISC) head of customer relationships in Europe Captain Sanjay Patil.

Following the merger of the MISC chemical and AET tidy petroleum product tanker fleet there are strategies to both renew older tonnage and include brand-new vessels to the fleet. A major focus on the chemical tanker side is raising the industrys security levels.Participation in the November Tanker Shipping amp; Trade Conference becomes part of our long-lasting engagement with the market on the subject, he says.

In 2012 MISC suffered a devastating occurrence on board the Bunga Alpinia, which resulted in the loss of five lives. We are tryingaiming to convey the lessons learneddiscovered how to the market which will have some concerns to answer if they do not absorb them and there is a repeat of this type of incident in the future – specifically if it involves a more hazardous cargo than the one on board Bunga Alpinia.

Modifications in technology mean we can carry on from accepted technologies and accepted practices which resulted in this occurrence. Our concern is that even with the new regulations a similar incident could occur.

This year MISCs LNG service took shipment of Seri Camellia, the very first in a series of 5 moss-type LNG tankers from Hyundai Heavy Industries. All are predestined for long-term charter instead of the nascent area market. While we feel that the LNG market has actually bottomed the area market provides some challenges, states Capt Patil, including that he thinks the market is slowly changing to it through pools or other plans. MISC has no strategies to enterparticipate in such plans. He acknowledges that local concerns such as instability in Yemen effects business with vessels operating but not trading. In general if LNG company in 2016 on a scale of 0-10 was a 7, Capt Patil thinks it will be a 6.5 in 2017, based on geo-political advancements and mid to longer-term regulative advancements.

MISC likewise diversified into the Thai offshore and gas market when its drifting terminals arm subsidiary signed a lease with Chevron around the operation of an FSO in the Gulf of Thailand. Mr Patil reports that the contract – which was won versus stiff competitors – is carrying out highly.

MISC In $245m Court Spat With Shell

MISC, Malaysia’s energy shipping giant, has actually revealed details of a $245m court spat with Shell.

GKL, an MISC subsidiary, is has taken Shell subsidiary SSPC to court over a stopped working agreement to develop and rent the Gumusut-Kakap drifting production system (FPS).

The appointment of an adjudicator and arbitrators are ongoing, MISC revealed while providing its third quarter results.

Why Health Care Consumes More Of Your Income Every Year

Millions of Americans are finding out this month that the price of their health insurance is increasing next year – as it did this year, last year, and manythe majority of the years before that.

And its not just that the rate is going up; its that it increases much faster than wages and inflation, eatinggnawing at our capability to spend for other things we want (beer, tvs, getaways) or need (rent, heat, food).

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Malaysian Shares Extend Losses On U.S. Election Jitters, MISC Leads

KUALA LUMPUR (NewsRise)– Malaysian shares was up to a near four-month low Thursday, injured by losses in shipping significant MISC after uninspired revenues and as uncertainty ahead of US governmental elections continued to control worldwide investor sentiment.The nations benchmark FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI fell 0.7%to 1,648.08 points, its lowest given that July 8. The KLCI is down 1.3% today.

Family Fears Liked One Might Be Another Victim Of …

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas – A household is in fear for their liked ones safety after the arrest of a Montgomery County pastor charged with sexually attacking a teenage girl.Ronald Wayne

Mitchell, 57, remains in jail now on four counts involving a lady who was 15 years old at the time.Demetrius Ellis

said her older sis Angela Edwards, a member of Mitchells Body of Christ Ministry in Magnolia, has actually had no contact with the household for the past 10 years.She stated Mitchell drew her suspicion years earlier by continuously demanding church members money.I do not care if its cents, if you just got

paid. He desire it, remembers Ellis. He don’t care if your expenses were due or nothing. He desired your money.According to the warrant served at Mitchells house, which

also serves as the church where members live, he supposedly raped the lady on numerous events there and at close-by hotels.Ellis is now concerned about her niece, whom shes never ever seen, because she said Mitchell turned her sis Angela against her family.I want to talk to my sister. I need my niece checkedlooked at, said Ellis. My niece is 10 years old. He much better not have touched

my niece since thats going to be a serious problem.Mitchell was initially accuseded of one count of sexual assault of a child, however prosecutors included 3 additional charges all connected to the very same lady, who is now

16 years old.Mitchell remains in jail awaiting a hearing on those three new charges. 2016 Click2Houston/KPRC2

Crash Victim Pattie Lynn Martinez Was Enjoyed By Her Family However Had Actually Fallen On HardDifficult Times

She was very, very enjoyed by her family, Green said. Its simply horrible. Horrible.Martinez had ties to

the Hispanic community in Baltimore, her sister said, and was wed to a man called Santos Martinez. But he had actually been deported to El Salvador, Green stated, and the household had actually lost contact with him. Martinez tried unsuccessfully to get a divorce in 2012, online court records show.Green described her sister as free-spirited, happy-go-lucky and independent. Martinez had a signature style, Green stated, and typically wore black sweaters over gowns, making her simple to find walking down the street.

5 Changes To Details Returns– Coming In January

The year 2017 might appearlook like a long time from now, however it will be here prior to you understand it. There are some important modifications impacting companies required to file specific info returns. The quicker you tailorget ready for this tax responsibility, the simpler your filing responsibilities will be.

Changes to Details Returns
Kind W-2

If you have employees, as always you must provide them with their Form W-2 by the end of January. Exactly what’s new is that you should also transfer copies, along with Form W-3, to the Social Security Administration by the exact same date, January 31, 2017. In the past, the transmittals were not due till completion of February if sending paper kinds or by the end of March if transferring forms digitally. The modification was made to make it possible for the Internal Revenue Service to more easilyquicker match information in order to prevent deceitful tax refund claims. Find more information in the directions to the W-2 and W-3.

Kind 1099-MISC

If you use independent professionals, there is a modification for you this year. The exact same dates for furnishing types to employees and sending them to the government apply to Kind 1099-MISC, with some variation. If you total Box 7 on Kind 1099-MISC, which is utilized for reporting non-employee compensation (described in government shorthand as 1099-MISC NEC), then you should follow the W-2 dates explained previously for submission. The only difference: Rather of sending types to the Social Security Administration, transmittals of 1099-MISC, in addition to Type 1096, are sent out to the IRS.

If your company finishes Kind 1099-MISC to report other kinds of income, such as rents or royalties, the old deadlines (February 28, 2017, for paper returns, and March 31, 2017, for transferring kinds electronically) for transmission continue to apply. Find more details in the instructions to Kind 1099-MISC.

Forms 1095-B and 1095-C

If you are a suitable big company, or ALE (50 or more full-time and full-time comparable employees) in 2016, you need to offer workers with Kind 1095-C by January 31, 2017. Last year this due date had been encompassed completion of March due to the fact that it was the first year this information return is needed.

An ALE should provide workers with the form, even if the company had actually opted not to offer health protection and pay the tax penalty under the Affordable Care Act’s company mandate.

Even if you are not an ALE, you should finish Type 1095-B if you have a self-insured strategy, such as a health repayment arrangement. If you are not an ALE and just have insurance coverage, then the insurance provider sends out staff members the form.

The transmittal dates for copies of the 1095s, together with Type 1094-B or Type 1094-C, are likewise new. In 2015, companies had till the end of May to send out paper copies to the Internal Revenue Service or transfer them electronically by the end of June. This year, the due dates are the same as for a lot of other details returns: February 28, 2017, for paper returns; March 31, 2017, for electronic filing. Find more details in the guidelines to these forms and transmittals.


There are no extensions for supplying employees with their info returns. Nevertheless, if you need more time to transmit information go back to the federal government, you’ll need to ask the Internal Revenue Service. This is done on Kind 8809, which has been modified for usage in the 2017 filing season.

Typically, you can obtain an automated 30-day extension. If you need a lot more time, there are no additional automated extensions so you’ll have to make an unique demand. The request is made by sending a 2nd Kind 8809 with a description of the extenuating situations that avoided you from filing by the due date.

There is no automatic extension for W-2s. There is only a possible 30-day non-automatic extension. It will be approved just under amazing scenarios or catastrophe, such as a natural disaster or fire damaging the company’s books and records.


The quantity of charges you might owe for filing late or incorrect details returns depends upon when you repair the problem. The penalty is evaluated per type, and there is an optimum charge.

  • If you correct the issue on or prior to One Month after the required date: $50 per type
  • If you remedy the problem after the 30th day however no laterbehind August 1: $100 per type
  • If you fix the problem after August 1: $260 per kind

While these standard charge quantities are the same quantities that used in 2015, the caps on charges have been changed for inflation. Note that little servicessmall companies, which are those with typical yearly gross invoices for the 3 previous years of $5 million or less, have a smaller sized charge cap than larger companies.


Get all set now for the 2017 filing season, which is simply around the corner. Make certain you know who’s responsible is accountable for submitting your information returns: in home, a payroll business, your Certified Public Accountant, etc. Remember that a company filing 250 or more info returns W-2s, 1095, 1099s throughout the year should transmit details returns digitally.

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Ivanka Trump Buys Jewelry, Business Contributes Her Cash To Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

Jewelrydesigners Jill Martinelli and Sabine Le Guyader, of the brand name Lady Grey, have made it extremely clear they support presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

Ivanka Trump just recently bought a piece from the brand online, and Woman Grey wrote on Instagram the earningsbenefit from Trump’s purchase will be donated to the American Immigration Council for Gun Safety and the Clinton campaign.

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Companies Are Investing More On Sending Their Staff Out To Win Deals

FOR well over a century, people have anticipated that innovation will make organisation travel outdated. In 1889 Jules Verne imagined that the “phonotelephote”, or “the transmission of images by ways of sensitive mirrors linked by wires,” would change overseas conferences. In the 21st century distant interaction is not science fiction. Yet far from stowing their travel suitcases, putting away their passports and finalizing into Skype, the business world’s “road warriors” are clocking up more miles than ever.

Inning accordance with a report by the Global Service Travel Association (GBTA), companies all over the world will spend a record $1.25 trillion this year on sending out workers on work journeys. This largely shows growing business self-confidence. In the recession following the worldwide financial crisis, suspending foreign jaunts was a quick method to cut expenses. Now, firms are planning to grow, by sending out staff out to hunt for offers.

A current survey by Morgan Stanley, a bank, found that 63% of American firms increased their travel budgets for 2015. A similar percentage stated that they would increase spending once again next year. Another study, by BusinessTravelNews, suggests that management experts and makers of expensive hardware remain the most significant spenders on travel among American business. And organisations and other organisations in China will, collectively, quickly be spending more than their American counterparts, the GBTA reckons (see chart).

Former CFO Files Lawsuit Against 8VC-Backed Blink Health

A previous chief financial officer of Blink Health LLC has actually filed a claim versus the New York startup declaring it retaliated against him for serving as a whistleblower.

The problem was filed in the Southern District of New York on Monday. In it, previous CFO Eugene Kakaulin declares that Blink Health and its creators Geoffrey Chaiken and Matthew Chaiken terminated his employment after he objected to what he believed were actions that …

MISC Completes Sale Of Logistics Arm

The firm said in a stock exchange report that the disposal was finished upon the satisfaction of all conditions and invoice of the balance purchase consideration and investors loan owed by MILS to MISC.In addition, Swift will pay back other receivables due from MILS to MISC within one year from completion of the sales and purchase of shares arrangement, MISC stated, including that the total earnings from the disposal are expected to come approximately MYR358m.

Why Dull Home Entertainment Is Having A Minute Now

Where many other video games create stress and enjoyment with a so-called run and weapon technique, these games move at a glacial speed by contrast. No Mans Sky is an expedition video game whose play is simple: Fly to an arbitrarily produced planet that will be unlike any other in the game (consisting of planets other gamers find), explore it, my own it and move on to the next world. No battle, no drama.

Farming Simulator 17 is precisely what it sounds like: The gamer raises animals and crops, with the game itself using more an invitation to admire the gorgeous backgrounds than provoking a seriousness to get to the next harvest.

A likewise slow technique to home entertainment is happening on TV. While shows like Mr. Robotic or Video game of Thrones dominate the cultural conversation for their home entertainment quality or extreme material, Netflix has added a popular European TELEVISION phenomenon to its streaming lineup: Slow TV.

Sluggish TELEVISION is a Norwegian import that boasts knitting, firewood stacking and long-distance train and boat trips as its focus, to the delight of 20 percent of Norways population.

Many might ask, How is this a thing? The answer isn’t clear, but it might be more subtle than audiences realize. In the world of extreme material when home entertainment comes significantly through technology utilized every waking minute, often people need something easy to recenter and recharge.

Instead of hushing its viewers’ inner lives, it seems to desirewish to be a backdrop that can give increasegenerate their own reflections, Nathan Heller composeddiscussed the program in the New Yorker. A slow-TV program is like an excellent view you come across on getaway: it’s always there, invulnerable, however it acquires significance and a story depending upon exactly what it conjures in your head.

That facility, as The Atlantic argued, isn’t really uninteresting. It may in fact be a little defiant.

All other TELEVISION is simply accelerating, and we desire to break with that,” The Atlantic estimated Lise-May Spiss y, who produced the knitting installment of Slow TV. “We desirewish to allow people to complete their sentences.”


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