Boston Public Schools Get $25m From GE To Construct Profession Pipelines For Students

Boston Public Schools Superintendent Tommy Chang, Mayor Martin J. Walsh and Boston Public Schools Committee Chair Michael O’Neill participated in General Electric’s (GE) celebration, which detailed their relocation to Boston and future financial investments. GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt revealed that GE will invest $25 million in Boston Public Schools.

“This financial investment into the future of the City of Boston is going prepare our children to be the leaders and pioneers of the world,” Walsh stated. “We’re delighted that GE has committed itself to being a strong partner of Boston Public Schools. We look forward to seeing the lots of positive results of this work.”

GE Foundation will dedicate $25 million to Boston Public Schools to help students explore college and profession possibilities and comprehend the skills required for future tasks. GE will reach 100 percent of Boston Public Schools high school students each year through career labs, computer science courses, and will supply educators the tools they requirehave to prepare students for the labor force of tomorrow.

BPS stated in a statement, “Across the country, less than HALF of US high school graduates are gotten ready for college-level math, and we desire our students to be ready– and every bit assists. GE will be working to empower all BPS high school students to become internationally efficient residents and will aid in developing Boston Public School system as a Model of Excellence at the crossroads of education and STEM careers, by providing opportunities for BPS students to enhance their critical thinking and analytical skills.” They will offer:

Computer Science for All – The GE Foundation will concentrate on working with Boston Public School district to create a systemic and sustainable strategy and to make sure that Computer Science is part of a student’s schedule throughout all high schools.

GE Brilliant Profession Labs – The GE Foundation will also produce “GE Brilliant Profession Labs” with both physical and virtual areas to permit students a special hands-on experience with innovative technology and software to help them with profession planning and internships.

“I anticipate partnering with the GE Foundation to more support our students and enhance our schools,” Chang stated. “I am grateful that this investment lines up with our belief that our students are Boston’s future leaders, workers, and innovators.”

This contribution will offer students the opportunity to check out college and profession possibilities, and to understand the skills necessary for future work.

“We are looking forward to assisting Boston Public Schools in making fantastic strides for its high school students. I had the enjoyment of working with a group of students from Boston high schools here previously this month,” stated Kelli Wells, executive director of Education and Skills at the GE Foundation. “Their visions of innovation and exactly what the future can bring for them were inspiring. They created a video of our two-day development experience. A short variation of it is offered on Boston Public Schools website. The students are preparedprepare to get down to the business of college and career planning and diving into STEM courses. It is an honor for the GE Foundation to helpto assist.”

In addition, GE will assist STEM high school teachers, assistance therapists, and administrators, to better prepare students for college and their future professions.

“In a city with a rich history of civic and industrial involvement in the public school system, our nation’s very first, we are delighted to welcome the time, skill and generosity of GE and its foundation,” said Boston School Committee Chairman Michael O’Neill. “We appreciate their deep interest in partnering with the Boston Public Schools’ leadership to understand our present challenges and develop expanded chances to help our students succeed in the growing development economy of this city that we all love.”

GE revealed in January it selected Boston for its industrial head officehome office. The new website, situated in Boston’s Seaport District, will be house to 800 GE staff members; 200 from business leadership and 600 digital commercial product managers, designers and designers split between GE Digital, Current, robotics and Life Sciences.

Washington Couple Believed Killed, Presumes On The Run, Cops Say

Two bros suspected of murdering a Washington state couple remained on the loose Monday as authorities continued a frenzied hunt to discover the hazardous duo.

Brothers John Blaine Reed, 53, and Tony Clyde Reed, 49, might be driving a 2007 Volkswagon EOS Coupes with Washington permit plate AXH5106, however authorities, speaking throughout a Sunday news conference, did not know their current location. Both are founded guilty felons, though their previous crimes werent called.

Snohomish County Sheriff Ty Trenary warned anybody who sees them to avoid contact.

“They are armed and hazardous and the general public must absolutely be fretted,” Trenary said Sunday.

Detectives on Saturday found 2 automobiles – a Jeep Wrangler and a Land Rover – coming from former Army Airborne Ranger Patrick Shunn, 45, and his partner, Monique Patenaude, 46, in a remote, rocky location about 15 miles from the couple’s Arlington home. Trenary said “it’s clear” Shunn and Patenaude are deceased based on proof gathered from those vehicles, and evidence gotten from the couple’s home. Authorities have not yet recovered any bodies.

Trenary stated the Reed brothers were seen on video surveillance getting rid of the cars that were found Saturday.

John Reed’s house was “extremely close” to where Shunn and Patenaude lived and it’s believed there was a building disagreement of some kind in between the parties. John Reed had been periodically visiting his home, authorities think.

It was understood that Shunn and Patenaude had actually been engaged in a legal dispute with neighbors, implicating the neighbors of attack, trespassing and scratching death threats in the mud, The Seattle Times reported. The next-door neighbors were not named in The Times report and it’s uncertain if they were John or Tony Reed.

Shunn looked for a limiting order against one of the neighbors, but a court commissioner dismissed the demand in January, stating a physical encounter between the 2 groups seemed unintended.

Shunn and Patenaude were last seen Monday and were reported missing out on Tuesday afternoon. Their disappearance was instantly thought about suspicious since it was uncommon for the husband and better halfcouple to remainavoid of contact with household or palsfriend or family for such a prolonged durationtime period.

“Pat did not reveal up for work nor did he employ,” Shunn’s bro, Erik Shunn, composed on Facebook Tuesday. “That is extremely uncharacteristic of him. Pat and Monique have animals and livestock and they haven’t been cared for the last day and a half.”

From PJ Punditry To Car Speak To Misc. (for Geezers Only)

By Curtis Dahlgren

Time spent laughing is time spent with the gods. Japanese proverb

He was a practiced orator and might make an extremely small amountpercentage of info go a long way. someone states

Washington is Salem. If were not lynching somebody twenty-four hours a day in this sorrowful town, were not delighted. DC lobbyist

I HATE TO NOISE LIKE A BAD-TEMPERED OLD MALE, however does it appear like the word however is overused nowadays? BUT enough about politics! My family pet peeve today is that while the CARS prod us, anything enters the culture! Take a break and take a walk with me down Memory Lane to the days of white walls, fender skirts, I like Ike, and real skirts (if you see a skirt today, it could be on a man).

You question why parts of the rest of the world do not like us much? Can you thinkthink about five factors? 2 of them would consist of porn and Hollywood, but Im repeating myself. The other three are fashion, style, and trends. This years fad is females walking around Wal-Mart in butt-tight black PJs, or so they seem. They have to be telegraphing a subliminal message, but I don’t have an idea. Some people need to dwell in the bottom of themselves, as somebody as soon as said. Forget I stated that, and lets talk about VEHICLE fashions.

Dont all automobiles seem to look alike these days? Recently I attemptedattempted to enter the automobile parked ahead of mine, and my very first idea was How did my automobile get locked? Mine never ever gets locked. Thats a habit we chose up in the fifties around here. If you mistake a Japanese vehicle for a German one, its since they were both created by the very same computer system built in Bangladesh. Every vehicle business has its own variation of the sedans, the SUVs, and the crossovers. Stylists are restricted to tryingaiming to alleviate the cookie-cutter look with sculptured side panels. In the desperate attempt to be different, they are getting too charming by half. Thats like cosmetic surgical treatment on Miss Piggy.

Shoot, Studebaker had those sculptured features 63 years earlier in 53. And I have my own tip for the 2017 Studebaker; Ill attempt to discover it for you. Anyway, as calculators dumbed down our math skills, I think automobiles are dumbing down our imagination and proficiency. It started with power windows and might end with the self-driving car. Im so low-tech that I have difficulty with automatic faucets and smart phones, so you wont capture me dead in among those self-parking cars!

By the way, if the self-flushing toilet in a public bathroom wants to flush three times before you get out of the stall, it might be tryingaiming to inform you something. The Japanese now see us as so inexperienced that they have created the self-tying shoe lace. I believe that that concept must be nipped in the butt. No pun planned, but thatll most likely be the only quotation of mine that makes it into the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, with my luck.

Mark Twain would have had a ball with modern society. The cultural revolutionaries gave us abortion-on-demand through the right to privacy, but they have reversed and offered us the absence of privacy through transgender-bathrooms. A SNAFU. However do not estimate me! No butts about it.

PS Grilles are like cowboy boots they are your calling card. Chevrolet director of design

By that standard, the Lexus might be the worlds ugliest car alongside the Cube. The common grille today reminds me of a guppy or Darth Vader or the worlds most significant large-mouth bass. However I might be prejudiced due to the fact that my very first car was a Studebaker (the Misc. in my title is for various, providing me the permit to multi-task. Or, in the eye of critics, babble).

Simply when I believed things couldnt get any crazier, I went to the local ballot location on Tuesday and the door was locked. We have actually seen the future, I said to myself. Unable to find another door, I returned and knocked on the door. A ballot employee let me in. The issue was in the duct tape that was supposed to hold the door unlocked. Shakespeare may have stated that the issue is not in our stars, but in our duct tape.

Sharpening the wit is like honing a knife; you need to be careful and not over-do it. Wars may have been started over a joke. If not, the next one most likely will be, offered the level of sensitivity of political correctness. I may ramble, but I discovered some fantastic quotes about war:

I have currently provided two cousins to the war and stand all set to compromise my wifes sibling. Artemus Ward

I check out in newspapers that a German army had gotten into France which the English expeditionary force had actually crossed the Channel. This I stated to myself suggests war. As typical I was right. unknown Brit

That individual would have made an excellent political specialist. Oh, that reminds me; there was an election the other day. The Trump and Clinton consultants held a joint karaoke performance in Wisconsin. They were signed up with by the editorial board of the Milwaukee Journal Guard and a band previously knowncalled Prints doing Its my party and I can weep if I wantwish to and We broke the law and the law won.

You cant make this stuff up, however I simply did!

copy; Curtis Dahlgren

The Brand-new Push Toward Competency-based Education

Recent reports recommend that over 500 colleges and universities are preparing to release brand-new competency based education (CBE) programs, up from an estimated 52 last year.

In the coming months, a cadre of next generation degree programs will tap emerging innovations to tailor knowing and offer newfound versatility to students who can progress through courses at their own speed. Freed from the boundaries of the credit hour, nontraditional students will race toward a degree in record time, and at simply a fraction of the expense.

With a value proposition like this, students need to be flocking. But as far as we can inform, they’re not. To this day, of the handful of CBE programs that have actually introduced, few have enrolled more than 1,000 students. Outside of Western Guv’s University, a twenty-year overnight success story that is unique and un-replicable, the gap in between the buzz and the severe enrollment reality raises a basic question: are the numerous schools currently striving on their own CBE programs barking up the wrong tree?

Doris Roberts, “” Everyone Loves Raymond”” Star, Passes Away At 90

Starlet Doris Roberts, the cherished star of Everyone Likes Raymond has passed away, her household validates. She was 90.

Roberts was a five-time Emmy Award winner with a profession that covered six years. She died in her sleep Sunday in Los Angeles of natural causes, a declaration from her household said.Roberts acting career started in 1952 with a role on the TV series Studio One. She appeared in episodes of The Naked City, Ben Casey, and The Protectors. In 1961, she made her movie launching in Something Wild.But she was maybe well understood for her function as Marie Barone on the hit CBS series Everyone Likes Raymond. Marie played the opinionated and manipulative, yet adorable, mother of Ray.Were deeply saddened to find out of the death of Doris Roberts, CBS said in a statement. She was a gifted and gifted starlet who was precious by audiences that saw her on every screen and phase … we were so privileged to have her call CBS house for so lots ofmany years. She will be considerably missed out on. Really, Everyone Liked Doris. The developer of Everybody Enjoys Raymond took to Twitter to rememberto bear in mind the starlet. Phil Rosenthal called her a wonderful,

amusing, indelible actress and friend.We liked our mother, the great #DorisRoberts. A fantastic, funny, indelible actress and pal. Phil Rosenthal(@PhilRosenthal)April 18, 2016 As news of her death spread, other fellow Everybody Likes Raymond stars took to Twitter, too.To my precious Marie-RIP. Patricia Heaton(@PatriciaHeaton)April 18, 2016 keep them safe for me up there Madylin Sweeten(@REALAllyBarone)April 19, 2016 For her work on the series, she was chosen for 7 Emmy Awards for Impressive Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. She won four times for the series.She previously won an Emmy for a guest appearance on St. Somewhere else and was chosen for an Emmy for Exceptional Supporting Actress in

a Miniseries or a Movie for the American Play house production of The Sundown Gang.Her movie career likewise included roles in: Barefoot In The Park

, A Lovely Way to Pass away, Little Murders, A New Leaf, The Taking of Pelham One 2 3, The Rose, National Lampoons Christmas Trip, Grandmas Boy, Aliens in the Attic, and Madeas Witness Protection.Roberts has one child, Michael Cannata, Jr., from her first marital relationship and three grandchildren.She was born November 4, 1925, in St. Louis Missouri. She matured in New York.Tributes to the starlet from celebs and fans started putting in on social networks.

#RIP to one of my ultimate favorites, Doris Roberts. We spoke at length about ageism in Hollywod amp; Im proud to state I think she overcame it. Jackee Harry( @JackeeHarry)April 18, 2016 #DorisRoberts will always be Mrs. Miracle. #RIPDorisRoberts Trademark Channel(@hallmarkchannel )April 18, 2016 So unfortunate to read about the death of Doris Roberts. She will always Marie Barone to me. RIP. Marlee Matlin(@MarleeMatlin )April 18, 2016 Rest in peace, Doris.

You were a good kisser and a terrific actress.

Juan González Was At Bernie Sanders’ NY Daily News Editorial Board Meeting. What Actually Taken Place?

Much of the corporate media has been freely criticizing Bernie Sanders performance during an interview with the New York Daily News editorial board. The Washington Post ran an article titled 9 Things Bernie Sanders Shouldve Understood About However Didnt because Daily News Interview. Former Obama advisor Dan Pfeiffer tweeted: The Transcript of Sanders conference with the Daily News Ed Board is virtually as damning as Trumps with the WaPo. We get a various point of view from somebody who was actually there: Daily News writer Juan Gonz lez.TRANSCRIPT

Choose An Instructor For Crossfield Aerospace Education Award

The National Air travel Hall of Fame in Dayton, Ohio, is searching for exceptional aerospace educators for the thirtieth yearly A. Scott Crossfield Aerospace Education Instructor of the Year Award.

The award is open to existing classroom instructors in grades kindergarten through twelve. A review committee of aerospace market and education professionals will examine elections for an instructors effectiveness, creativity, and capability to preserve high standards for their students and themselves. Aerospace needs to be the core subject of their curricula.

East Texas Parents And Therapist React To Rash Of Teacher Misc – KSWO, Lawton, OKAY- Wichita Falls, TX: News …


Another East Texas instructor has actually been arrested for an improper relationship with a student.East Texas news headlines have seen a minimum of five teachers in the previous month getting arrested, in trial, or headed to trial for getting a lot more than an apple on their desk as a sign of gratitude.

It makes you question who is in charge of your children. Thats got to be a bad telephone call to obtain, saidJustin Farr, an East Texas parent.Twenty-three-year-old Kallie Boxell was reserved into the Rusk County prison after a Grand Jury indictment for having a relationship with a student at Tatum Middle School. If founded guilty, Boxell could get up to 20 years in prison.In the mental health occupation, we are really worried since we are seeing more and more teacher-student unsuitable relationships, said Dr.Debra Burton, a licensed counselor.Theyre a grownup. They should have the ability to uphold themselves better than that, Farr said.One thing typical in the majority of

of these cases is the usemaking use of texting, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. All of these mediums of communicationdidnt exist 15 years ago.Social media is among the most significant culprits. This permits a student and a teacher to have personal discussions, Burton said.I see people say, Where were those teachers when I was in school?If it was your little lady or kid, how would you truly feel? Farr asked.Parents are feeling anxious due to the reoccurring issue.

Studies reportTexas has the highestnumber of these events in the country.The occurrences went up 41 percent, Burton said.It seemsappears like they put their brains on hold. It

simply does not make good sense, saidJerry Selman, an East Texas parent.Teachers are supposed to be expert and shouldnt even communicate with them in that manner, Farr said.Burton saidoften times, the destination in between students and teachers creates an addiction.They have a requirementa have to be desired or feel attractive, which begins fulfilling their needs, Burton said.In most recentlatest East Texascases, there has beena shift to females being involved the sexual misbehavior. Burton saiddespite double-standards, young

males are simply as affected and are simply as much victimsof abuse as well. I see the result of this, Burton stated. Often, that young guy struggles with dependency, pornography addiction, and looking on

sites to find more ladies to talk to.Her message to teachers is, Its really important to obtain a message out there. One, instructors have to keep boundaries.She encourages parents to monitor their kids social media and cell phone usage.They needhave to know, I need to know your passwords.Im not going to always look, but when I think I needhave to, I will, Burton said.A 2014 research study says 35 percent of sexual misconduct cases in the nation involved social

media use.Copyright 2016KTRE. All rights reserved.

Thousands MissLose Out On First-choice Main School

Tens of thousands of kids failed to get into their first-choice main school on nationwide offer day in England, and Labour have stated that the scenario will just get even worseworsen as an outcome of government strategies making all schools academies.

In London, where need for main places is highest, one in six families discovered on Monday that they had actually cannot get a location for their child at their preferred main from September. In some areas of the capital, consisting of Kensington and Chelsea, one in three kids cannot get their first option, though overall the figures in London revealed an enhancement on 2015, with 84 % of families getting their very first choice, up 3 points on last year.

In other areas of high demand, where schools and regional authorities have actually been facing a surge in pupil numbers in recent years due to the fact that of a population spike, there was extensive frustration. In Reading, just 78.6 % won a place at their favoured school, leaving 1,756 children with their second option or worse. In Birmingham it was 85.6 %, leaving one in 7 households dissatisfied.

Households in some parts of the country were far more likely to get their leading choice. In the East Riding of Yorkshire, 95.9 % of children got their first option, in Hartlepool it was 96 %, and in Redcar and Cleveland 97.8 % got their preferred primary.

Although main last figures will not be readily available for a long time, the Department for Education anticipates the circumstance to be largely the exact samelike last year, when 87.8 % of families were offered a place at their top option of main. However the shadow education secretary, Lucy Powell, stated a growing variety of parents would be disappointed that their kid had missedlost out on their favored school, and condemned the federal government for restricting local authority powers to offer locations.

“The variety of pupils is increasing, yet at the same time as the boost in demand, the federal government has tied the hands of councils and regional locationsareas and made it harder for them to effectively prepare for school places. Their policy to compel all schools to end up being academies will make this even worse,” she stated.

“A reasonable school locations system needs correct preparation and coordination. Ministers must reverse their choice to cut out regional neighborhoods from place planning, whilst eliminating the administration that councils deal with when it pertains to opening and expanding schools.”

One of the issues occurring for families as a result of the high demand for places is the splitting of siblings in between different schools. In Newbury, west Berkshire, some households who already have one kid at the popular Falkland primary school discovered on Monday that their more youthful siblings had actually failed to get a place. Thirteen siblings are on the waiting list of 50 at Falkland, which indicates 13 families are now considering a complicated school run to get their young kidschildren to different schools miles far from each other.

One mother, whose daughter started at Falkland 2 years ago, discoveredlearnt that her younger son had failed to get a location and would start instead in September at a town school two miles away. “It’s not a great circumstance,” she stated, though her boy had got into their second option. “It’s going to be a juggle.”

She has had the ability to stroll her daughter to school, but will now need to negotiate with her company to allow her to spread her three-day week over 4 days so that she has time to do the prolonged school run by automobile.

The sibling concern occurred due to the fact that three years ago the regional authority asked Falkland to accommodate a one-off “swell year” owing to the boost in pupil numbers. The more youthful siblings of those children are now in need of places.

Many dissatisfied moms and dads will be thinking about appealing. Luke Knowles, a veteran of national offer day, explained the entirethe entire experience as “harrowing”. Last year he usedobtained a location for his son Lewis at three schools within strolling distance of their house in Sutton Coldfield, in Birmingham. When it came to national offer day, Lewis didn’t enter any of his favored options and was provided instead a location at a school simply under 2 miles away.

Related: Poor kids need better possibility of good school place, states report

Knowles, who is signed up blind and needed a school within safe strolling distance, appealed and won, but just after investing numerous pounds on legal guidance from an education law specialist at lawyers Simpson Millar, plus additional expert recommendations on impairment rights.

“A lot of people who lived in the very same road as us were provided the same school, rather than their options. What had actually happened is that the borders for the close-by schools had diminished, which left us and 6 other moms and dads in a black spot.

“We were fortunate enough to be in a position to pay for legal advice,” he stated. A lot of other parents have had to go for schools they had not desired their kid to go to, while keeping their names on waiting lists in the hope that a place will become available elsewhere. “A lot of moms and dads are still haunted by it,” stated Knowles.

A DfE representative stated: “Despite rising pupil numbers, 95.9 % of moms and dads in England got an offer at one of their top three chosen main schools last year. We have actually spent 5bn developing places in between 2011 and 2015, which helped to produce 600,000 new locations in between 2010 and 2015. 400,000 of those locations were primary – and 100,000 main locations were addedincluded 2014/15 alone.

“Our white paper reforms will guarantee we remain to spread quality all over by putting control in the hands of the teachers and school leaders who understand their pupils well, alongside brand-new steps to more quickly take on failing and cruising schools.”

When It Comes To NC Education, Let The Screams Begin

‘I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!” screams television anchorman Howard Beale in the motion picture, “Network,” describing the state of the world in the 1970s. I feel the same method, but not due to the fact that of the current world situation. I’m shouting since of the terrible state of public education in North Carolina. It’s occurring thanks to those political leaders whose votes on funding public education represent the wishes of a minority of their constituents. The proof remains in the polling.A recent poll released by High Point University reported that over half of the state’s locals think public education in North Carolina is going in the wrong instructions. More than 70 percent provided a grade of C or lower to the quality of our public school system. But the General Assembly continues its ruthless assault.Eighty-three percent of respondents think that public school instructors are paid too little bit. They’re right. Even with an increase this year in beginning pay for new teachers and a$ 750 reward for all instructors, North Carolina still ranks 42nd nationally. Nearly three-quarters of those surveyed would pay more in taxes so NC teacher pay might reach the nationwide average over the next 5 years, assisting to bring in and keep quality teachers.The decrease in teacher assistants has a negative result on public education, according to 81 percent polled. But the legislature has decreased the variety of assistants by almost 25 percent considering that the 2008-2009 academic year, regardless of the dramatic increase in student population.Seventy percent believe lowering per-pupil spending has an unfavorable impact on our public schools.

Right again. Per pupil spending decreased 14.5 percent in between 2008 and 2015, putting North Carolina 45th in the nation. In the 2014-2015 school year alone, the state reduced funding by$250 per student-the worst one-year modification in the country.Adding to the decrease in per-pupil spending is the absence of financing for textbooks. Because the 2009-2010 school year when the state invested about$76 per student, state funding for books and digital resources has dropped a whopping 62 percent. The 2016-2017 state budget allotment is$29.05 per student.A large majority of North Carolinians support state and federal preschool programs that make premium preschools offered to all children who certifyreceive free lunches.

Nevertheless, state financing for pre-K education continues to plummet, dropping from$86 million in 2008-2009 to approximately $50 million for the 2014-2015 academic year, eliminating countless applicants.The guv and General Assembly are thinking about a proposal needing the bottom 5 percent of the lowest-performing schools be taken over by out-of-state, for-profit companies. Seventy-four percent believe this is bad policy.

Given that the early 2000s, for-profit public charter schools have fallen behind their not-for-profit equivalents in supplying a quality education mainly because of bad company plans.Why are the majority of our state agents not hearing the majoritymost of their constituents who favor enhanced financing for public education? Possibly because they’re too busy listening to the giant businesses and corporations in North Carolina to whom they serve up fat tax cuts while cutting our public school system to the bone.The General Assembly short session convenes April 25. It is imperative that we contact our state agents at and let them understand that we, and a bulk of our fellow people, think it’s time to fund and enhance public education as soon as again.It’s time we all

start screaming.

RWBuffer Vs RWStructuredBuffer Or RWByteAddressBuffer

The huge pro for RWBuffer is the truththat its the one that supports automated hardware decompression and compression on reads and writes.

This feature is more typicallyregularly utilized with the normal SRV Buffer enter HLSL where the large bulk of the DXGI Formats can be read and decompressed in the exact same way that compressed vertex characteristics are decompressed on the fly. If the data you requirehave to check out requirements only 8, 10, or 16 bits per channel then theres a good option of formats that hardware can decompress and supply to the shader in the broadened 32 bit uint/float format.

The reason its less typically utilized with the RW prefix is that this then ends up being a UAV instead of an SRV. As much as D3D11.2 the only formats supported for RWBuffer were single channel R32 formats (FLOAT, UINT and SINT). All other formats would fail at runtime or shader assemble time with an error about not supporting Typed UAV Loads. There was a workaround that indicated it was possible to overlap an R32_UINT UAV over the top of other formats that were likewise 32bits in size but actually had numerous channels of differing bit depths. This implied you might do UAV loads on some extra formats that wouldnt otherwise be possible. This is described here.

D3D11.3 nevertheless included optional assistance for Typed UAV Loads in the same method that D3D12 now does. Theres a list of around 15 extra formats that can be utilized as the format for a UAV and assistance Loads because format. The hardware can then optionally support a longer series of specific formats on a format by format basis. Typed UAV Loads are discussed here.

In summary,

RWStructuredBuffer is a UAV around structured data. That is information made up of 32-bit uints and floats set out into structures with a variable variety of channels per member. No format decompression or compression is supported by the hardware. If you desire 2 16 bit uints, youll need to load and unpack them yourself from a single uint. The format of the UAV is DXGI_FORMAT_UNKNOWN because the format is implied by the structure design written in HLSL.

RWBuffer is a UAV around a range of formatted (potentially compressed) information. Theres no structure to this data, its just a range of one data type with the format defined by the UAV at UAV production time. On newer hardware you can Load/Store to this buffer and the hardware will compress down to the UAVs format and decompress it again when you read it.

RWByteAddressBuffer you seem to be familiar with, however is simply a bag of bits, a bit like RWStructuredBufferlt; uintgt; in lots of methods (given that ByteAddressBuffers can just be packed from at 4 byte alignment). I think the distinction in between RWStructuredBufferlt; uintgt; and RWByteAddressBuffer stems from the fact that D3D11_RESOURCE_MISC_BUFFER_STRUCTURED can not be utilized with lots of BIND_FLAGS such as Vertex Buffer and Index Buffer. Whereas you can produce a Vertex Buffer or Index Buffer that defines the D3D11_RESOURCE_MISC_BUFFER_ALLOW_RAW_VIEWS flag.

As hardware develops and ends up being much more general purpose therell be less need for so manya lot of Buffer types, bind flags and misc flags. Every format will have the ability to be instantly decompressed and compressed and it wont matter whether its a Consistent Buffer, Vertex Buffer or Index Buffer, everything will just work. For now though theres some not-always-obvious constraints around how various buffers can be viewed and what operations are supported on exactly what Buffer.

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