Bank Contest Will Award $1 Million In Career-coaching Services

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For Cincinnati-based 5th Third Bank, the career training promotion is both a goodwill gesture and a bid to seed its client base with millennials, a growing force in the economy. The concept grew out of an existing program to assistto assist distressed property owners to stave off repossession during the mortgage meltdown.In 2012, Fifth Third Bank started dealing with Bend, Ore.-based NextJob to helpto assist jobless property owners at threat of losing houses discover re-employment. Setting up the career-coaching tuition was, in numerousoftentimes, a much less expensive alternative for the bank, which loses between$60,000 and$70,000 whenever it forecloses on a home, Magnesen said.The program showed effective for Fifth Third, which helped 40 percent of distressed property owners find new jobs, Magnesen said.

Mabus To Push Huge Changes To PT, Profession Chances

Fair fitness requirements, less via the internet training, more educational opportunities and a much better balance of work and familydomesticity. Those hot button problems for sailors and Militaries are now at the leading edge of a new project by the Navys leading civilian to enhance quality of life and recruit more women into the ranks.Navy Secretary Ray Mabus is set to unveil a host of significant initiatives and policy modifications Wednesday, aimedfocuseded on enhancing quality of life and professions for sailors and Marines, many which came straight from the deckplates, a senior Navy authorities has actually verified to Navy Times.Mabus plans to to relieve body fat limitations, boost career versatility, andpush to hire more women in the Navy and Marine Corps, while opening up the last billets that remain closed to them.The efforts have actually been in the works for a long time. Mabus has actually openly voiced support for increasing the variety of women and the jobs open to them, while Chief of Naval Worker Vice Adm. Expense Morans workplace has actually been gathering fleet feedback on everything from revamping Navy Knowledge Online and the PFA to beefing up education and civilian training chances. Mabus is likewise anticipated to highlight current stepstransfer to speed up promos for leading performing corporals.All of the efforts are on a timeline to be completed from as early as this year for numerous of them to 2018 for a few of the physical fitness updates.Rethinking body fat The Chief of Naval Personnels Workplace has been working given that late last year on an overhaul to the twice-yearly body

composition assessment for sailors.Its too early to inform whether the service will desert the much maligned tape test all together, but leadership is taking a close looktake a look at how to measure sailors health and help them enhance it where necessary.With an eye toward the Defense Departments more lax body fat standards than the Navys, officials are taking a look at enhancing the body fat limits for being able to take the physical preparedness test portion of the PFA.That would imply that sailors who are over the Navys body fat restriction would still have the ability to take their PRT, as long as theyre within DoD standards.Wed prefer to decouple BCA from the pass/fail of PFA, the authorities stated, making the body fat test more about health.From there, the authorities said, medical expertsdoctor could attend to body fat concerns non-punitively. The effort would also institute non-punitive spot checks between PFA tests, to offer sailors and their commands a concept of how theyre caring for themselves in between screening periods, where 3 failures in 4 years will certainly get a sailor booted.The Navy desireswishes to break the concept that the PFA has to do with a

two-times-a-year test, said the official, who wasnt authorized to speak openly prior to the SECNAVs speech.Recruiting and maintaining ladies Mabus has actually dedicated a big part of his tenure as secretary to incorporating ladies into the fleet, from opening once closed billets to outfitting guys and

women in the same styles of uniforms.He desireswishes to take that a step further, the authorities said, by opening the last continuing to be closed billets and increasing recruiting of females

to 25 percent, up from the present 18 percent figure for the Navy and about 5 percent for the Marines.When you look at the number of [female] graduates from high school, number of graduated from college, from [science, innovation, engineering

and math], they far exceed what we see in the Navy and Marine Corps, the official said.

Mayweather-Pacquiao Brought In All Of The CashThe Cash

According to figures just launched by HBO, there is no cash left worldwide, due to the fact that it was all investedinvested in watching Floyd Mayweather win a really uninteresting choice over Manny Pacquiao two weeks back.

Right here are the fight’s main pay-per-view numbers, from an HBO news release:

The boxing hit occasion, Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao, shattered the previous record for overall pay-per-view buys and now ranks as the highest-grossing pay-per-view of all time. Preliminary reports from distributors indicate that the event generated more than 4.4 million US buys and more than $400 million in domestic pay-per-view revenue alone.

That is a ridiculous amount of pay-per-view buys, and that number makes this the most profitable battle in the history of the sport. The previous record, set in 2007 when Mayweather fought Oscar De La Hoya, was 2.48 million buys. The next highest-grossing battle took place in 2013, when 2.25 million buys were made for the Mayweather-Alvarez fight.

Anyhow, get delighted for that rematch!

Students Take A Look At Alternatives In Building At Career Day

High school juniors and seniors from around the Mid-Valley drilled holes, drew levers and stacked bricks Tuesday at the 12th yearly Construction Profession Day held at the Salem Airport.The occasion, at

Salems McNary Field, was collaborated by the regional chapter of the National Association of Women in Construction and its chairwoman, Susan Wood of Salem Heating. Juniors and elders from Salem-Keizer, Albany, Newberg and beyond were welcomed to discoverfind out about the market and test out equipment to spark possible interest in a construction career.Wood stated this was

the most significant year yet with 59 signed up vendors and 311 students in attendance.Vendors consisted of contractors, construction unions and educational institutionsuniversities, like Chemeketa Neighborhood College, Oregon State University and the Profession and Technical Education Center that is scheduled to open next year in the Salem-Keizer School District.The objective is to teach students there is a career chance in the building field, Wood said.Informational fliers and handouts revealed students that there are other choices besides a four-degree from a university. Those alternatives include community college and getting certified right from high school, Wood said.If youre preparedgoing to learn, there are great tasks out there, she said.With extensive spending plan cuts that resulted in the termination of technical and shop classes in

high school, this event is the only way some students find out about chances in the technical field.

18 Detroit Schools Close As Hundreds Of Teachers Protest Gov. Snyder’s …

Educators marched in front of the Michigan Capitol, throughout the street from Snyders workplaces in the George C. Romney Building along Capitol Opportunity Thursday. Conn indicated they prepared to remainavoid there until Snyder returned from Detroit following his announcement.

Chants of books, materials, smaller sized class size and we are the union, the mighty, magnificent union sounded out as the instructors marched. Some brought indications specifying 55 is a speed limit not a class size and Don’t Split DPS.

Conn said instructors are figured out to battleto eliminate to defeat Snyders strategies.

His educational strategies are bankrupt, Conn said. You cant be president or vice president or have any nationwide workplace if youve got no academic plan besides battling with your teachers and doing the opposite of what they desire.

Dave Murray, spokesperson for Snyder, encouraged teachers to work with the guv instead of battling his plans.

Tips needhave to alter. Gov. Snyder understands it. Parents understand it. The students understand it. And yes, the instructors understand it too, Murray said in a statement. Gov. Snyder does not criticize teachers or any others for their concern or their passion on this concern. We needhave to get this right. But we require to work together to get it right, not battle. We resolve the huge issues right here and we cant let those problems divide us. Weve proven it prior to in this city and well prove it once more. We do not want these students to miss a single minute of their education. Fighting isn’t really going to send out the right message to our school kids, working together to resolve this problem is.

Detroit Public Schools Emergency situation Supervisor Darnell Earley released the following statement.

Detroit Public Schools sole focus and goal is the education of the more than 47,000 students whose education it has actually been turned over with by their families. That focus and goal need to be shared by all DPS employees. While we can agree to disagree on matters of policy, those disputes need to neverimpact our students and the training time they are entitled to as it hastoday- with 18 schools having actually been closed due to lack of instructors and other educational personnel. This unintended turn of occasions is seriously misguided and directly damages our students – taking away a day in the class that students can ill-afford given the school days currently missed due to our serious weather this past winter season. It is really regrettable that so numerousmany of those who profess to be committed educators have actually chosen to take part in this action given its unjustifiable and unconscionable consequence.

Research back to MLive later on today for more on Snyders plans for Detroit schools.

Kyle Feldscher is the Capitol education and MSU press reporter for MLive Media Group. Reach him by using email at or follow him on Twitter at @Kyle_Feldscher. Check out more stories right here.

Birmingham Board Of Education Plans To Choose Brand-new Superintendent Before May …

The Birmingham Board of Education hopes to choose a brand-new superintendent prior to its Tuesday, May 12 board meeting, the boards president stated Thursday. In the meantime, the board will carry out background and reference look at the three finalists.

The board finished the 3rd of three extensive interviews with finalists for the superintendent position on Wednesday. The board talked to the 3 finalists – present interim superintendent Spencer Horn, Charleston County Deputy Superintendent Lisa Herring, and Bibb County Deputy Superintendent Kelley Castlin-Gacutan – over three days this week.

Pending complete background checks and reference checks, the Birmingham Board of Education aims to make a decisiondecide before our next board conference, which is Tuesday, May 12, Randall Woodfin, board president, said in a quick statement Thursday.

Education Or Religious Flexibility? Guv Addresses 2015 Legislative Concerns

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (April 30, 2015) As the 2015 Indiana legislative session concerned an end, state legislators had blended reviews on the session’s outcomes.

In December, the guv stated 2015 would be the “education session.” Nevertheless, there was a lot more than just education that came from the Statehouse.

“I’m very delighted with this session of the Indiana General Assembly,” stated Pence during a press conference Thursday.

Pence proclaimed success. Every program item he set out at the beginning of sessioneducation reform, a well balanced budget amendment, even $50 million for the state’s bicentennial celebrationare all now on his desk, awaiting his trademark.

But even for the guv, it was crystal clear: this was not a session that came without major obstacles.

“As guv of the state, I want I could’ve foreseen the debate that would’ve ensued,” he said.

“Extremely frankly, we’re not going to remember this session for any of those things that he tried to do, it’s going to be remembered as the RFRA session,” said State Senate Minority Leader Tim Lanane (D – Anderson).

With the session complete, Democrats took the opportunityseized the day Thursday to blast the guv and state Republican politicians for their handling of the religious flexibility controversy that caused national backlash.

“The supermajorities and the guv can not handle Indiana’s economy and that is painfully obvious and we can not neglect RFRA as being a primary cause,” said Home Minority Leader Scott Pelath (D – Michigan City).

However by and huge, the Democratic program never ever even made it to the floor.

The did?

Other news makers, like bailing out Indiana’s struggling casino market, and repealing the common building wage.

“It was clear that the typical wage procedure was broken, it had not been working. Whatever we meant it to be initially, it had not been working anymore,” stated Senate President Pro Tem David Long (R – Fort Wayne).

Another big heading throughout the session was whether or not Indianapolis would get a new soccer arena. That expense passed away in committee Wednesday over concerns that the arena could not be spent for.

Perspective: If Education Is A Business, Students Should Reassess Their Investment

In the companybusiness of education, students enter into both a scholastic and moral agreement with administrators upon registering in university.

The services exchanged for increasing tuition dollars are apparent– an accredited degree, student resources, networking opportunities by means of social companies– however hardly ever do customers factor how those services are provided into the value included or interfered with the product.

For instance: Does knowing that one of your professors might be teaching 10 other classes impact how likely you are to turn to him or her for aid outside of class? Exactly what about understanding that, in spite of working 50 % more than a full-time tenured professor, yours is just making a fraction of exactly what his coworker does?

Numerous would state yes.

Adjunct professors are worked with as a system to keep running costs lower for universities, making anywhere in between $1,000-5,000 per course.

Top Food Safety Officials Focused On Collaborating Over Combining Agencies

Leading Food Safety Officials Focused on Collaborating Over Combining

Top authorities of US food safety companies are not completely supportive of a single food security firm, arguing that collaboration is a higher top priority.

During the Food Security Summit in Baltimore on Thursday, management from the Food and Drug Administration, Department of Agriculture, Centers for Illness Control and Prevention, and Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO) were asked to go over the concept just recently suggested in 2 congressional bills and the president’s budget plan demand.

4 Basic Problems With Everything You Find Out About The Future Of …

Education conferences are like church. Therefore, I must be sincere. I attend at least one education conference a month. And although I do enjoy these gatherings– and I will certainly continue to speak at, participate in, and live tweet these occasions– I likewise needhave to be truthful: occasionally they feel more like spiritual routines than chances to share concepts and learn new things.

It is not just the education sector. The exact same is realholds true about conferences in every sector. Modern thought leaders are like secular clergy, convening events and delivering sermons that are really simply moral pep-talks dressed up in TED-style vesture. They assist audience participants through a particular set of ritualized thoughts, motions and actions which mainly simply enhance well established methods of thinking. The story normally includes a heroic narrative through which a group of underdogs position themselves against the “mainstream”– they require an exodus from the status quo. There is no communion wafer, but folks clap their hands and nod their heads intensely as speakers say things we’ve all heard hundreds of times before. Hallelujah!

In education, the mantra is tired: Testing is bad. We’re stuck in a factory model of education. We need to concentrate on critical thinking and issue resolving. Schools are late to the video game when it concerns embracing technology. More making. More inquiry based learning. More computer games. Etc. Definitely I concur with the message. But I’m starting to feel like the repetition is self-serving and not leading towards genuine results.

On the other hand, I’m happy to see that some parts of the liturgy have already been shed. For instance, a fantastic deala good deal of the conversation around character abilities and badge-based gamification has dissipated. Thank goodness! I was constantly bothered by words like “Grit.” I was likewise an outspoken critic of that trend which actually simply pushed teachers to create hyper commoditized knowing experiences– codename: GAMIFICATION. Enjoy this video to comprehend the difference between Game-Based Learning and Gamification. Some psalms are inherently problematic.

Recently I have actually seen a few more essential issues with the method professionals have been talking and composing about the future of education. So right here are 4 more refrains I think we require to get rid of from the education conversation.

1) Kids are bored and technology will certainly offer much better ways to engage students. It sounds persuading. But don’t believe it. Engagement is NOT a concern– at least it is not a concern for everybody. I’ve been in and out of a great deal of schools in the previous couple of years and there are tonslots of classrooms where students are interested, the content is dynamic, and the instruction is vibrant. I’ve seen this in classes that are extremely conventional. Heck, I’ve even seen enviable student engagement in some classrooms that employ a conventional sage on the stage lecture format. Don’t believe Sir Ken Robinson; all classrooms are not an-aesthetic. The fact is: everything depends on the instructor. Some fantastic instructors use new technologies and some don’t. But at the end of the day it has little to do with tech in itself. It is all about the teachers.

The genuine problem is that, generally, better teaching seems to be widespread at schools that serve more wealthy neighborhoods. Students most likely to suffer through boring instructors tend to be folks with low socio-economic standing. For that reason, we shouldn’t believe any individual who tells us we should accept technology– even video games– because it will enhance student engagement. This viewpoint thinks of that technology can change bad instructors and implicitly suggests that the bad kids need to end up with engaging screen time while the elite keep their currently exceptional real-life professors. It imagines that making good teaching scalable is the very same as syndicating a television comedy.

The Economist Discusses

Why is the Le Pen household in the news?For the first time because Jean-Marie Le Pen founded the reactionary National Front (FN) in 1972, the rowdy French former paratrooper has actually been disowned by his own party. On May 4th, after an emergency situation management meeting, he was suspended from the celebration. He had wanted to stand in December as a prospect to run the southern French region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. But after the FN leadership said it might not back him, he announced in April that he would not run.He is 86 years of ages. Isn’t really this normal?Yes, other than that the party leader who has elbowed him aside is his own daughter, Marine Le Pen, party boss considering that 2011. She won an internal election to protect that post after he decided to transfer to the role of honorary president. This has turned the saga into a dynastic psychodrama.Why is she so upset?Mr Le Pen

recently declared a remark, initially made back in 1987, that the Nazi gas chambers were a simple” detail”of history. He likewise said that he had never ever thought about Marshall P tain, France’s collaborationist leader under Nazi occupation, to be a traitor. And he called Manuel Valls, the current Spanish-born French head of state, an”immigrant”, querying his “genuine attachment “to the country.Isn’t this business as typical for Mr

Le Pen?Yes. Mr Le Pen lives to provoke, and has actually never ever actually wanted power or duty. Ms Le Pen, by contrast, is an enthusiastic political leader intent on governing. To do this, she is attempting to turn the page on the motion’s anti-Semitic and racist past and reconstruct it as a mainstream anti-European, anti-immigrant, protectionist celebration, along the lines of other nationalist parties in Europe. This is why she called her dad’s comments “political suicide “for the FN. In return, Mr Le Pen described his exemption as a felony, said he was ashamed that his child lugged his name, and stated that her treatment of him was scandalous.What about the 3rd Le Pen?To replace him as a candidate, Mr

Le Pen has actually proposed Marion Mar chal-Le Pen, Ms Le Pen’s niece, who is presently a deputy from southern France. She has actually been politically near to her grandfather, Jean-Marie Le Pen, representing the conventional far right. This camp has actually often clashed with Marine Le Pen and her allies, including the party’s vice-president, Florian Philippot, who pursue a broader anti-globalisation orientation.Has Marine Le Pen made the FN respectable?It is a work in progress. To make her case more acceptable, Ms Le Pen chooses her words

thoroughly and obtains heavily from shared French concepts, such as that of laïcit, a rigorous type of secularism preserved by law in 1905. She has called the Holocaust the”height of barbarity”, and has actually freed the FN of its skinhead image and fixation with France’s loss in the war for Algerian self-reliance. Mix this with the contemporary face Ms Le Pen has offered the party and the FN has actually widened its support base to around 25 % of the electorate. This includes young individualsyouths, ladies and ex-Communist voters who are fed up with the mainstream left and right, and are no longer embarrassed to state that they vote FN.But doesn’t the party still bring in unsavoury types?Ms Le Pen is cautious to sanction inappropriate behaviour. She has struck candidates off celebration lists for posting anti-Semitic or racist remarksdiscuss Facebook.

Yet the FN’s appeal is frequently about what goes unsaid
. She also has dodgy ties to Russia: the FN took a EUR9m($10m)loan from a Russian bank with connect to the Kremlin.Has she been electorally successful?The FN currently has 2 members of parliament, and runs 12 town halls in France. It did not win any departments at elections in March, but wishes to win one of the country’s 13 freshly drawn areas in December.That’s not particularly impressive.In outright numbers, no.

However she has made gains: from 2 departmental councillors in 2011 to 62 in 2015, for example. And the absence of sweeping triumphes thusso far is not really the point. Ms Le Pen desires to develop up a military of chosen authorities throughout the country in order to get ready for the real battle: the French governmental election in 2017.
Could she win the presidency?Mr Valls says that she could. Current polls reveal her winning just if her second-round run-off challenger is François Hollande, the Socialist president. But a Hollande v Le Pen 2nd round is not likely, given his very low appeal. She is more likelymost likely to deal with Nicolas Sarkozy, the centre-right UMP leader and ex-president. In that case, surveys say that she would lose.

A Le Pen presidency continues to be implausible. But were she to secure a second-round location in 2017, she is likely to far surpass the 18 % that her father scored when he satisfied Jacques Chirac in the presidential run-off in 2002. That would humiliate the mainstream celebrations and fracture the celebration landscape. This in itself would be a kind of political victory.This piece has been updated to reflect news.

DesireWish To Assist The Hungry? Stop Wasting Food.

In the US, up to 40 % of food that is grown and produced is tosseddiscarded. Thats about $165 billion dollars of unused food. At the exact same time, an approximated 14.3 % of American homes were food insecure a long time throughout the year in 2013, indicating they had a hard time to put meals on the table regularly for themselves and their families. Rerouting surplus food to food kitchens, soup kitchens, and shelters is the vital to productively making use of the consumable food waste that is produced, and a beginning to ending hunger in this country.

UPGRADE 4-Jana Partners Pressing Qualcomm To Spin Off Chip Company

* Jana says chip unit essentially worthless at existing

* Hedge Fund says it has had positive dialogue with

(Adds details, analyst comment)

By Supriya Kurane and Svea Herbst-Bayliss

April 13 (Reuters) – Hedge fund Jana Partners stated on Monday
that Qualcomm Incs chip company was essentially
worthless at current evaluations and pushed the business to spin
it off from its patent-licensing company to recover investor
confidence.Jana likewise wants Qualcomm to cut expenses, speed up a share buyback, enhance disclosures and revitalize its board, the New York-based company said in a quarterly letter to investors.We think that the board and management acknowledge the requirement to address its historical underperformance and enhance investor understandings
of the company, Jana said.While the buyback is a good step, Qualcomm requires to do more,. including thinking about strategic offers, Jana said.Jana, which has investments totaling about $11 billion, said. it possessed about 4.4 million Qualcomm shares after investing

about.$2 billion in the business.(1. 1H05TD5)RespondingReacting to Janas remarks, Qualcomm said it was.
dedicated to preserving an active dialogue with all.

stockholders.The company, which has a market value of$114 billion,.
restated plans to purchaseredeem $15 billion in shares, with $10.
billion set aside for the next 12 months.Qualcomms chip business is dealing with intense competition in a. crowded smartphone-chip market.Earlier this year, longtime consumer Samsung Electronic devices Co. chose to use an inside established processor

for. its brand-new Galaxy S6 smartphone rather than Qualcomms newest.
Snapdragon mobile chip.Qualcomms chips business has likewise been facing regulative. examination in China. The company concurredconsented to pay a fine of$975. million in February, ending a 14-month Chinese government. examination into anti-competitive practices.Qualcomm has been implicated of bundling, that is giving you a. kickback on the chip if you pay them for royalties or vice. versa, which is not thought about an excellent wayan excellent way to do business in the majority of. nations, Charter Equity Research analyst Edward Snyder said.Qualcomms shares were partially down at $68.99 in.

afternoon trading.Jana stated at Qualcomms existing stock price, the chipset.
company was essentially worthless and could be valued much better by
. partial or complete separation of the businesses.The Wall Street Journal initially reported that Jana was putting. pressure on Qualcomm to separate.(

ManyThe majority of Qualcomms revenue comes from offering chips that.
make it possible for phones to communicate with provider networks, however many of. its revenue originates from licensing patents for its CDMA cellular phone. technology. (Extra reporting
by Kshitiz Goliya and Lehar Maan in.

Bengaluru; Editing by Gopakumar Warrier, Anupama Dwivedi and Ted.